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Grand King


Wildas's story is told in the Blades duology (Curse of Blades and King of Blades), links for where to read the stories for free are on the Stories page.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Wildas keeps himself in a fit condition, generally, though he is beginning to notice the aches and pains of age.

Identifying Characteristics

Wilads often has a black line visible on his neck, from the base of his ear to his collarbone. This is a physical mark of the magic often shared with him by his husband, Second King Coulta.

Special abilities

Because his husband, Coulta, the current Second King of Phelin, is one of the Formerly Cursed, Wildas is periodically granted some of Coulta's magic. This allows him to understand languages he has never learned, and enhances his hearing. The magic also physically marks him with a thin black line that flows from the base of his ear, usually ending near or along his collarbone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wildas was born the eldest son of Grand King Deandre of Phelin, making him the heir to the throne of the Grand King of Phelin from birth. He was raised in the castle in the capital city of Ryal, but from an early age traveled about the land with various members of his family and the royal court so that he would be known to the people of Phelin prior to his rise to the throne. This is how he met the people he would eventually marry, following the Phelinian Royal Marriage tradition: Coulta, Myri, and Anil.

In Year 580, the same year Wildas met and married his spouses, Phelin was attacked by the necromantic emperor of Dyrai, seeking land and resources not otherwise available to the island nation. During this short but violent war, known as Varin's War, Grand King Deandre was assassinated and Wildas became Grand King.

Gender Identity





Because he was the heir to the throne of the Grand King of Phelin, Wildas receieved the best tutoring available in diplomacy, strategy, warfare, history, religion, and finances. He also developed an enjoyment in literature. His siblings received similar educations modified to meet their future needs.


Wildas is the current Grand King of Phelin.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Thus far in his reign, Grand King Wildas has been seen as a good king who rules fairly and justly. He has strengthened Phelin's alliance with Algoma following the short war that marked the beginning of his reign, and has been seeking to similarly enhance alliances with other nations as well.

Mental Trauma

One of the worst moments in Wildas's life was being forced to watch as his father was murdered before him on the battlefield during Varin's War.

Personality Characteristics


As the current Grand King of Phelin, Wildas takes his duty to his people and his country very personally. He always strives to make the decisions that will allow him to protect his people and sustain his country into the future, and without causing lasting harm in the process. He often puts the health and safety of his people ahead of his own wellbeing.


Family Ties

Wildas is biologically connected to all previous Grand Kings and the kings who came before them. This grants him the right to rule Phelin.

Religious Views

Wildas does believe in and honor the gods, especially the Great Gods, but he is not overly religious in any sense. At this point his belief is mostly out of habit from his lifelong involvement in ceremonies and rituals involving the royal family on certain holidays.

Social Aptitude

Wildas has learned how to navigate the world of courtly intrigue and it has benefited him as a prince, then a king.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand King of Phelin
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
557 TE 42 Years old
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Aligned Organization
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