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Anil (Anne-ill)

Queen of Phelin Anil

Anil is a character in the Blades books, Curse of Blades and King of Blades. Find out where you can read the books on the Stories page.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Anil often has a black line of magic that traces the bottom of her left breast and rises up the center of her chest. This is a mark of the magic her husband, Coulta, shares with her.

Special abilities

The magic Anil is given by Coulta allows her to calm and soothe those who are distressed or anxious. This is especially helpful when tending horses.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anil was born in Windwick, a village outside of Arren. The village was later destroyed early in Varin's War, while Varin was looking for Wildas.

Anil was raised by her father and two mothers, all of whom died the winter before she left the village with Wildas to go to Ryal. She was always quite good with horses and often helped the village stablemaster with his work. After her parents died he offered her a perminent position. She met Wildas and Coulta when they stopped at the village to find care for Wildas and needed to stable their horses.

Gender Identity





Anil received little education, though her mothers did teach her to read and write, and her father taught her much about horses.


Despite being a Queen of Phelin, Anil still helps frequently with the horses of Ryal, specifically in the barn where foals are raised for the military.

Mental Trauma

Witnessing the deaths of her family due to a winter illness caused Anil much pain. For a long time she wondered why she had been spared and her family killed. She now does not question that as often, and is happy with her life in Ryal among the royal family.


Family Ties

Anil's spouses are Wildas, Grand King of Phelin; Coulta, Second King of Phelin; and Myri, her fellow Queen of Phelin.

Religious Views

Anil has never been terribly moved by religious ideas, but honors the gods as is expected of her in her political position as Queen of Phelin.

Wealth & Financial state

Anil has little need for money as a member of the royal family, and much prefers to share her familiy's wealth with those less fortunate when she can.

Current Status
Queen of Phelin
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Phelin
Year of Birth
560 TE 39 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Known Languages