The demographics within Ryal range from the poorest beggars in Lower Ryal to the wealthy extended royal family members in Upper Ryal and the castle. Professions include anything that can bring excitement and entertainment to city residents, or that supports the royal family or Royal Guard in any way. Examples include tailors, bakers, jewelers, artists, and smiths. Entertainment includes theaters, brothels, and street performers of various types. There is also a large population of sorcerers within the city. They work to enhance the city's defenses and infrastructure, but their main goal is to be a household sorcerer for a member of the royal family. Most stay within the city much of their lives awaiting such a position.


Being the capital of Phelin, Ryal is ultimately governed by the Grand King. Though the Royal Guard does oversee the city and most crimes are handled without the Grand King's attention, he is still the final authority in matters of grave importance. Taxes collected are used to maintain the city as well as the country, with only a small percentage paid to the crown and court.


Ryal is built atop a bluff, and on the far side of the city, behind the castle, the land falls away into the Ai River. Around the city are three concentric walls, each containing segments of the city. Lower Ryal is the poorer section of the city, and within the outer circle of walls. The next section is Middle Ryal, filled with homes, businesses, and entertainment venues of the slightly wealthier residents. Within the next section is Upper Ryal, home to the wealthiest residents of Ryal. Beyond the final wall is the castle and barracks. These walls contain gates that are closed at night and during war to prevent an enemy from reaching the castle. Defenders fight from atop the walls and from murder holes within.

Industry & Trade

Merchants bring in desired goods from outside the city and the country, selling them for significant profits to the right buyers. Taverns, inns, brothels, theaters, and bakeries are some of the most successful establishments. Artists also find success catering to the wealthy citizens of Upper Ryal and the royal family.


Magic has been used throughout the city to enhance the usual construction methods. The castle where the royal family resides is steeped in it. Magic was also used to build out a cliff below the city where the army's horses are bred and trained. The city's sorcerers keep an eye on this magic and enhance it as needed.

Guilds and Factions

The guilds of Ryal are notable in that they are required to fight for the defense of the city when called upon by the Grand King. They are expected to have a plan in place for such an event, whether directly fighting or working to directly support those who are.

Ryal is one of the few cities to officially recognize both an organized thieves' guild and a pleasure guild. The thieves' guild had become organized during the city's occupation by the Berk Overlord between Year 333 and Year 353. After years of trying to eradicate it, Grand King Caolan formed an agreement with the guild that would allow it to continue under strict conditions that included the defense of Ryal in war. Grand King Caolan also formally recognized the pleasure guild, which represented the city's brothel workers, declaring that he hoped the guild would welcome workers and patrons of all preferences. It was one of many steps he took to ease the issues faced by those like himself who much preferred the company of their own sex.


Ryal was chosen as the capital by King Tryrayl because it was in land his clan had already controlled. The name was likely originally Rayl, from the first king's name, but at some point it became officially recognized as Ryal.


Those who visit the city often do so for trade or to find work in the theaters or among the sorcerers. Others visit to apply to join the Royal Guard. Dignitaries from other countries visit frequently, as do Algoman soldiers from their watchtower across the river.


Most buildings within Ryal are built of a mixture of stone, brick, and timber. Often, magic is used in the construction of buildings, if the owner can afford it.


Ryal sits atop a cliff that towers above the Ai River. The city itself slopes gently upward to this clifftop apex.

Natural Resources

The farms around the city produce staple crops, including grain, wheat, vegetables, and herbs. There is also significant production of forage for the horses bred for the army at the castle of Ryal.

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Third Era, Year 1
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