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Ryal Royal Guard



The Ryal Royal Guard keeps 500 Guardsmen on roll at any one time, plus 100 officers. These soldiers are formed into units of as few as six Guardsmen and one Captain or as many as the full Guard under the Prince-General, depending on the need.


All Guardsmen are expected to be efficient with swords, bows, and crossbows.


All cities where Guardsmen are employed by members of the royal family living there has one captain to oversee day-to-day management. If twelve or more Guardsmen are employed, a lieutenant is also present to assist. All officers report to the Prince-General in Ryal, who oversees the full Guard. Only the Prince-General can recall Guardsmen from outside the city in times of war or crisis.

The structure of the Royal Guard is formed by units referred to as guards. Half a guard, or six Guardsmen, typically escorts the Grand King's heir at all times when outside the castle grounds. When traveling to other cities, a full guard of twelve Guardsmen is used. A guard is typically commanded by a captain, but when the heir, Grand King, or Second King is being escorted, the Prince-General commands the guard. Two guards, or twenty-four Guardsmen, is used when the entire royal family is traveling. In such cases, the Prince-General would have two captains and a lieutenant with him to command. If a situation requires more Guardsmen, they are commanded in units of twelve, each with a captain and lieutenant.


All members of the Royal Guard must serve a period of five years in the regular army, and must pass a formal test to become a member of the Guard. The test is both physical and written, and includes sword duels, archery demonstrations, equestrian tests, an endurance race, and a written test to judge literacy and a knowledge of the laws of Phelin. All of these skills should have been developed during the candidate's time in the army. These skills are continually exercised during regular drills.



While the majority of the expenses of the Guard are paid through taxes, as the Guardsmen also serve to protect the city of Ryal, those employed by nobles outside Ryal are financed partially by those employers. They are the ones paying their Guardsmen and ensuring they are provided for.


Each year, after annual retirements have taken place, the Prince-General of the Royal Guard informs the Prince-General of the army how many candidates are needed to take the place of those who have retired or died during the year, and when the testing will begin. The Prince-General of the army posts this information in all barracks across the country. This allows all interested plenty of time to submit their names and prepare for the testing.


The Ryal Royal Guard was created during Grand King Caolan's reign to protect the royal family and the city of Ryal. It also gave a heritary role to the second-born child of the Grand King, who became the Prince-General of the Royal Guard. When it began, Queen Nydia held the position as Queen-General, until Grand King Caolan's second-eldest child, Prince Gilry, was old enough to be trained and to take command.

Historical loyalties

The Royal Guard's loyalty is to the Grand King and his family, followed closely by the city of Ryal. Because protecting the city protects the royal family, both loyalties go hand-in-hand. However, in a time of crisis, the Guard will first secure the royal family before securing the city.

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Third Era, Year 362
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