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Grand King of Phelin


The Grand King must be the biological son of the previous Grand King, and named as heir by the previous Grand King prior to his death. The heir is typically formally presented to the court as such during childhood. Any doubt the court may have over paternity is expected to be dealt with then, though this rarely comes into question.


The Grand King is formally crowned after the previous Grand King's death. This must happen within one month of that death. If the Second King of Phelin still survives, he conducts the ceremony. In his absence, one of the surviving Queens of Phelin may conduct it. If no previous rulers still live, the ceremony is conducted by the castle's resident priest.

If the heir is believed to be too young to rule, usually under the age of sixteen, the Second King or a queen acts as regent until he reaches that age. However, if he wishes it, the heir can name the Second King or a queen as his regent for a longer period, though not past his twentieth year.


The Grand King's duty is to be the ultimate authority for the nation of Phelin. Every decision made is expected to benefit the country as whole, not only himself or the royal family. As the head of the country, the overall social, financial, and economic state of Phelin is a direct reflection on his ability to rule.


The Grand King's regular responsibilities include overseeing the capital city of Ryal and dealing with any administrative concerns regarding Ryal or the rest of the country.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Grand King has a throne and crown of gold. When outside the castle and when not performing a ceremonial duty, he wears a gold rope across his body, from right shoulder to left hip. This denotes his authority when the crown might be too cumbersome to travel with.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Removal is only possible through death. While plots have existed to take the position, no Grand King has been successfully overthrown.


Phelin was ruled much like the neighboring country of Algoma until the coronation of Grand King Caolan in Year 353. Kings and queens had ruled in pairs until the death of King Caol in Year 333, upon the invasion of Phelin by Berk. At that time, Caol's lover, the court sorcerer known as Ardan of Ryal, took the newborn Prince Caolan from Ryal and raised him in the distant town of Flaice. When Caolan was eighteen, he began fighting to take Phelin from the control of the Overlord of Berk, which was accomplished in Year 353.

Caolan had wished to marry his lover, a man named Kian, but Ardan convinced him that to not take a wife or father an heir would only throw Phelin into more conflict at the end of his reign. Out of respect for the sacrifices of his army and the country, he must have a wife and a child. Eventually, an arrangement was settled on that allowed Caolan and Kian to marry, and they also married Dyna and Nydia as wives. The position of Second King of Phelin was established for Kian.

It was Caolan's heir, Jasper, who is responsible for establishing the arrangement as a tradition. Though he personally did not wish for a husband, he believed the political advantages outweighed his personal opinions. He saw the work Second King Kian did, and thought having a Second King with the same political role would benefit his reign. He also recognized that people within the country were happy to see the royal family in such an arrangement - though of course not all. He did not wish to diminish that positive view of the family. He is not believed to have been especially close to Second King Kemen, a brilliant military strategist even at a young age, but they were seen as excellent political partners. Kemen assisted in making many modifications to the defenses of the city of Ryal and the country as a whole, as well as in making lasting changes to how the military was run and structured.

Though exactly how personal the relationships between past Grand Kings, Second Kings, and Queens were is unknown, nearly all have been arrangements built on or that developed into friendship. Nearly all Grand Kings have ruled without strife within their families.

Cultural Significance

Within Phelin, the arrangement between the Grand King, Second King, and Queens has led to more acceptance and recognition of same-sex and multiple-partner relationships. Outside of Phelin, the arrangement is seen as strange or perfectly acceptable, depending on the country. Countries that are already respectful of such relationships, including Nairiume and Orma, view this as a positive aspect of Phelinian culture. Other countries view it as strange to see the royal family so openly and visibly engage in such arrangements. These countries are slowly becoming more accepting of their own people, and therefore are starting to view Phelin more positively. These include Berk, Algoma, and Mahlon. These general statements, of course, can't speak for everyone or every region within a country.

Notable Holders


King Tryrayl (ruled Year 1 - 32) - Queen Fyonia (died Year 30)
Tryrayl is the one believed chosen by the god Raiofsi to lead the country, bringing Phelin's warring clans together and following the example set by the neighboring country of Algoma.

King Kendal (b. 2; r. 32 - 68) - Queen Lotus (b. 5 - d. 69)

King Luxovious (b. 30; r. 68 - 90) - Queen Maibe (b. 40 - d. 94)

King Nelson (b. 70; r. 90 - 119) - Queen Neith (b. 72 - d. 115)

King Sidwell (b. 88; r. 119 - 158) - Queen Zesiro (b. 90 - d. 159)

King Keary (b. 120; r. 158 - 188) - Queen Mandisa (b. 119 - d. 190)

King Kieran (b. 161; r. 188 - 234) - Queen Oni (b. 161 - d. 213)

King Killian (b. 180; r. 234 - 238) - Queen Mariasha (b. 182 - d. 230)

King Lairgnen (b. 218; r. 238 - 278) - Queen Sharifa (b. 220 - d. 278)

King Lann (b. 240; r. 278 - 306) - Queen Masika (b. 241 - d. 307)

King Leigh (b. 262; r. 306 - 328) - Queen Zahra (b. 262 - d. 331)

King Caol (b. 303; r. 328 - 333) - Queen Aisa (b. 295 - d. 333)


Grand King Caolan (b. 333; r. 353 - 398) - Second King Kian (b. 331 - d. 399)/Queen Dyna (b. 334 - d. 395)/Queen Nydia (b. 333 - d. 390)

Grand King Jasper (b. 354; r. 398 - 431) - Second King Kemen (b. 352 - d. 430)/Queen Edda (b. 355 - d. 425)/Queen Syn (b. 355 - d. 429)
Queen Syn was a princess from Algoma, whose marriage into the royal family strengthened the alliance between the two countries. She was quite happy and comfortable with the arrangement and her spouses.

Grand King Leon (b. 399; r. 431 - 459) - Second King Arion (b. 400 - d. 461)/Queen Zeta (b. 398 - d. 457)/Queen Mona (b. 401 - d. 459)
This is the only unhappy arrangement noted by the historians of Phelin, as Second King Arion, who was also the court sorcerer, fathered a child with one of the queens. For this offense he was castrated by the court, though without Grand King Leon's approval. Despite this, Arion is mostly remembered for his work on magical defenses for the city of Ryal.

Grand King Aiden (b. 425; r. 459 - 499) - Second King Perrin (b. 424 - d. 501)/Queen Elinore (b. 427 - d. 503)/Queen Daisi (b. 425 - d. 495)

Grand King Adley (b. 453; r. 499 - 510) - Second King Kedar (b. 455 - d. 510)/Queen Khasa (b. 457 - d. 520)/Queen Deva (b. 460 - d. 510)
All of Grand King Adley's children were born sickly and many died at an early age. As a result, his heir was too young to assume power when both Grand King Adley and Second King Kedar were killed in battle when Dyrai's necromancers invaded Phelin. Queen Khasa ruled as regent until Prince Calais was able to be crowned.

Grand King Calais (b. 497; r. 517 - 538) - Second King Dirk (b. 495 - d. 536)/Queen Vala (b. 498 - d. 529)/Queen Ara (b. 497 - d. 527)
Grand King Calais was prone to illness throughout his life and died two years before his heir, Prince Pontus, was able to be crowned. Second King Dirk ruled as regent until Pontus was of age. He remained one of Pontus's most trusted advisors until his death.

Grand King Pontus (b. 516; r. 540 - 559) - Second King Binh (b. 515 - d. 560)/Queen Anita (b. 517 - d. 558)/Queen Etta (b. 517 - d. 563)

Grand King Deandre (b. 536; r. 559 - 580) - Second King Shelton (b. 534 -)/Queen Yvona (b. 537 -)/Queen Xiao (b. 538 - d. 578)

Grand King Wildas (b. 557; r. 580 -) - Second King Coulta (b. 559 -)/Queen Myri (b. 559 -)/Queen Anil (b. 563 -)

Nobility, Hereditary
At the coronation of Grand King Caolan in Year 353
Form of Address
Your Majesty
Source of Authority
Hereditary, at the people's pleasure
Length of Term
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