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Second King, The Formerly Cursed Coulta

NOTE: Coulta is the main character in the Blades Duology (Curse of Blades and King of Blades). For more information on the books and where you can read them for free, check out the Stories page.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Coulta's body is covered in fine black lines, appearing like vines without leaves. These are a physical mark of his curse. Prior to it breaking he could hide the marks, but since the curse broke defeating Varin, he is unable to do so. These marks, along with the magic from his curse, pass on to his spouses during intimacy.

Special abilities

Coulta has magic, which is incredibly powerful, thanks partially to his curse and partially to his parents being sorcerers. With the curse being broken, he has an almost limitless well of magic to use for many things, and he is regularly learning to do new things. This magic passes partially to his spouses during intimacy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Coulta was born cursed because his parents angered another sorcerer. His mother, one of the Asirim, was able to link his soul to that of another person in an effort to make his future easier on him. That other person was Wildas, who would eventually become the Grand King of Phelin. This was not something his mother was able to know, as she was only able to know that soul she linked her son's to belonged to someone who would treat him with kindness and respect, not who it belonged to.

Coulta's mother died shortly after he was born, leaving his father to care for him. Knowing only that his future lay with someone living in a castle in Phelin, Coulta's father left him to become a servant to the lord of Arren. This was a mistake, as Coulta's curse was exploited to turn him into an assassin.

Fortunately, Wildas eventually arrived in the city to meet with Lord Varin and Coulta was able to meet him and escape from Lord Varin's control.

Gender Identity





Coulta received very little education until he arrived at Ryal with Wildas, as Lord Varin had wished to keep him ignorant. He was taught to read and write by the woman who had cared for him while in Arren, Teeya.


Coulta was forced to be an assassin for Lord Varin. Once in Ryal he served as the personal guard for Prince Wildas, even after their marriage. As Second King of Phelin he also works as the master of spies, ensuring the safety of his family and country. He also holds the position of court sorcerer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Coulta has helped to uncover numerous plots against the royal family, especially during the time of Varin's War.

Mental Trauma

His work as an assassin in the past has caused Coulta significant suffering. Though the ghosts haunting him have been laid to rest, the pain of knowing what he has done still lingers.


Family Ties

Coulta's spouses are Wildas, Myri, and Anil.

Religious Views

Coulta was not exposed to religion while growing up, and has not embraced the worship of any of the gods completely since moving to Ryal, though he does attend ceremonies and rituals due to his position as the Second King.

Wealth & Financial state

As a member of the royal family, Coulta has all the wealth he needs.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Second King of Phelin (political), the Formerly Cursed (magical)
Year of Birth
558 TE 41 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Coulta was cursed at the time of his birth due to the actions of his parents against another sorcerer. His mother attempted to break the curse before he was fully born, but was only able to link his soul to that of another before the effort killed her.
Very dark gray with flecks of silver
Long and black
Aligned Organization
Known Languages