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Queen of Phelin

Myri is a major character in the Blades Duology (Curse of Blades and King of Blades). To see where you can read the books for free, check out The Stories page.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Myri often has a noticeable black line crossing the back of her hand. It is a mark of the magic her husband, Coulta, shares with her. This magic she uses for healing.

Special abilities

Magic from Coulta allows Myri to heal injuries rapidly, diagnose illnesses almost immediately, and increase the rate of healing for both injuries and illnesses.

Specialized Equipment

As a healer, she often carries a pouch of healing herbs with her in case she needs them to tend anyone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Myri was born and spent most of her life in the village of Windwick outside of Arren in Phelin. There she was raised by her mother, who was a healer. Myri learned the healing arts from her mother, and assisted her as the village healer until the village was destroyed by Lord Varin in his attempts to locate Wildas, then the Crown Prince of Phelin and a would-be victim of Varin's assassination attempt. Myri escaped with the prince, who had been injured, and helped to care for him on his return journey to Ryal. Because her village had been destroyed, Wildas offered her a position as a healer for the royal family out of gratitude. Eventually, he also asked her to be one of his wives.

Gender Identity





Myri learned everything from her mother, including the healing arts, how to read and write to follow and create recipes for healing salves and potions, and how to manage money.


Myri has worked as her mother's assistant and as a member of the group of healers within the castle at Ryal. Now that she is a queen, she still often assists the healers and helps to ensure they have all the materials they need to do their work most effectively.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Myri has always considered every patient who recovers to be an accomplishment, regardless of how experienced she has become in healing.

Failures & Embarrassments

It doesn't matter how ill or how badly injured a patient is, if that patient does not survive her attempts to heal them, Myri finds herself to have failed that patient.

Mental Trauma

When Varin's forces entered Windwick, Myri was forced to leave her mother to face them alone in order to journey with Wildas to Ryal and ensure his continued treatment. This was incredibly difficult for her, as she knew her mother would not survive the attack by Varin's army. Her only comfort was later learning that her mother had taken her own life before the soldiers could torment her.

Myri also experienced several miscarriages early in her marriage to Wildas, causing her to wonder if she would be considered unfit to be a queen or wife. Though Wildas's reassurances helped set her mind at ease, she still quietly doubted at times. Through much care and guidance from her fellow castle healers, she was able to eventually have a few children, which also helped ease her fears of being unworthy of her place in the royal family. Her children, though occasionally encountering more illnesses than the other royal children, have grown to be just as capable as their siblings mothered by Anil.

Intellectual Characteristics

Myri's greatest skill is in diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries for her patients. She is able to compare many symptoms to illnesses she has already seen to assess what can be done for someone who is ill. She has also been able to assess illnesses she has not encountered before and find methods of treatment that are often effective in fighting new diseases.

Morality & Philosophy

Myri believes that all people deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion, and that endangering the health and well-being of others is unacceptable. She also condemns anyone who works as a healer yet won't help those who are unable to pay for care or are people the healer personally does not like. To her, even enemy soldiers deserve healing care.


Myri finds torture to be abhorrent. She also despises those who experiment in order to further their own healing knowledge without the patient's health or well-being in mind.


Family Ties

The only family Myri knew before her life in Ryal was her mother. Her father was never involved in her life, and her grandparents died before she was born.

Her marriage to Wildas brought her officially into the large royal family of Phelin, however.

Religious Views

As a healer, Myri is a follower of the god known as Rutsav, patron god of healers.

Wealth & Financial state

As a member of the royal family of Phelin, Myri never wants for anything.

Current Status
Queen of Phelin
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Phelin
Year of Birth
559 TE 40 Years old
Aligned Organization
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