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Arkran Cathedral

It is a shame such a beautiful structure was used by such foul people and will likely now never be seen by anyone ever again.
— Umbrin Nilswan - Aldenian Historian


Arkran Cathedral was one of the first buildings constructed upon Arkran's founding early in the Age of Discovery. At the time, Arkran was the most northerly major city (or town) for the Humans and remained that way until the Council of Nine took it over and corrupted the land around it beyond curing. Arkran was built just south of the Dragoncrown mountains, where the Dracaran city of Vox Dracon is located, it was intended to be the main city for diplomatic and trade relations with the Dracaran civilisation. As such, it was built to include both human and general Aldenian religion and the Dracaran religion in mind.  

The Cathedral

Arkran was built upon the sole hill in the area. Whilst the immediate vicinity of the Dragoncrown mountains is rather hilly, Arkran was built in the plains just beyond where it levels out, mostly. Arkran Cathedral, as a result, built in the very centre of the city dominated the skyline. It was built in a similar template to the temples in Dawnstone, there was a large central chamber set up for sermons and ceremonies, but also for people to pray outside those hours. The core of the second floor was a U-shaped balcony that also operated as a public library, with rows of books and tables to read at. The back wall was dominated by a large stained glass window that depicted Athar, the god of light and the Dracone Platina, the god of the Dracarans, stood side-by-side. Smaller chambers and living quarters could be found in the wings of the building on both floors and higher up in the Cathedral.    

The Fall of Arkran

In the early days of the war, Arkran was infiltrated by members and the first followers of the Dark Council (which would become the Council of Nine). The Lord of Arkran was killed and his succession was marred by accidents, eventually leading to the mysterious Lord Lenol taking control of the region. One by one the actual council of Arkran succumbed to the darkness or were simply replaced so that when Astrona Emberwild came to Arkran to seek refuge, she was allowed in without question. Shortly after, the priests of the cathedral started going missing or began acting differently and Astrona was installed as the High Priestess in the Cathedral.   By the time the people of Arkran fully realised what was happening, Arkran Cathedral was home to six Dark Council members. The Cathedral had become their fortress within the already fortress-like city. Drakk the Brutal remained in the Orc homeland, and Orsa Algrun was still Commander of the Medion in Dawnstone. The ninth, Thanoth 'Nightcarver' Gathakanaki, was yet to be corrupted. Those that did not manage to flee in time were subjected to being target practice and test subjects for the necromancy magic growing in Astrona and increasing capabilities of Krotar Shadowthane and the inventions created by Grevlin Doomwrench.   Soon, the only people left in the city were The Council, living in the Cathedral, and their mindless or twisted subjects.  

Final Days of the War

The Siege of Arkran saw the end of the Cataclysm War. The Council of Nine were defeated in the very cathedral. Astrona herself was obliterated before the grand stained glass window where the altar once stood.  


The cathedral sustained significant damage during the siege. Repair and repopulation efforts were made in the years that followed the end of the war, but the corruption in the area was too great to be fully purged completely. Arkran seemed particularly resistant to the cleansing and the corruption simply spread back into the areas successfully cured of the Blight, seemingly spreading from Arkran itself. As such, the city and Arkran Cathedral stand in the damaged state it was left in over five hundred years ago.
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Dark Council's Headquarters
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