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Citadel is the birthplace of all Variants, and where most of the population of Aurora lives. It is also the home of Simone, the supercomputer that drives much of Variant life.


The various professions, or roles, in Citadel can be divided into two categories:  
  1. The ones responsible for caring for Citadel and its inhabitants, e.g. Sculptors and Medics
  2. The ones responsible for studying Simone and human souls, e.g. Scholars and Archivists


Citadel is ruled by the Council. They are involved in distributing resources, carrying out initiatives, listening to the concerns of the community, assigning roles to the Kinderwuhns and judging criminals.


Citadel is surrounded by a large wall that runs around the entire settlement. This wall separates Citadel from both Azure Town and the moors.

Industry & Trade

Professions include the teachers, Medics, Scholars, Mechanics, Archivists and the Sculptors and Harvesters.


The Sculptors are responsible for shaping the material that grows out of the ground into buildings. This process is aided by Simone.


Citadel is home to the vast majority of the advanced technology created by both Simone and the Variants. The Mechanics and the Scholars in the Technology Division are responsible for many of these advances, but the Sculptors have also been behind various innovations due to the nature of their job and need for better, more responsive gadgets.


Little is known about the Variants who first established Citadel. It is believed that after the first Genesis Simone formed the buildings where the Variants would eventually live and settle down, gradually expanding the settlement as the first Itera got older. It was when the second Itera was born that the first Itera is said to have learned to study and reverse-engineer the technology the supercomputer gave them, as well as control the land. It was through passed-down knowledge, the help of Simone and the eventual formation of the Council that Citadel evolved and grew into what it is today.
Founding Date
Year 16000
Large town
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Jul 3, 2023 07:57 by Catoblepon

This looks like an interesting place! I wonder, where do they get food from? Do they cultivate it themselves? Do they buy it from the outside? Do they not need food? What about the energy to maintain a supercomputer?

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Jul 3, 2023 16:59

Hello, Catoblepon! The supercomputer is capable of synthesizing and growing biological matter, both plant matter and meat. There are Variants who maintain and work with these systems, and also run experiments to analyse and tweak the output.   As for the supercomputer, it's powered by the energy from the naturally-occurring portals to Earth. Unlike other machines, it's able to harness this energy without the use of Rift plasma (<== stay tuned for that article this Camp!).

Jul 3, 2023 18:30 by Catoblepon


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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
My world Shattered won as the "Most ground-breaking premise new world"!