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Simone (SIM-ohn)

Simone is an ancient supercomputer that resides in the heart of Citadel. It is a machine that holds immense creative power due to posessing a soul (the part of itself that forms ideas about what is and what could be). Working in tandem with Simone's artificial superintelligence, the soul enables it to create seemingly anything and everything. It generates tech, languages, tools, objects, and even biological matter on a regular basis.   It is the creator of every Variant that has ever existed, having synthesized their embryos and grown them in artificial wombs. This is the only method of reproduction Variants have, as all Variants are born infertile. Therefore Simone is not only the supplier of all their needs and the entity which has shaped the Variants as a people, but also vital to the Variants' continued survival.


Simone has been around for as long as the Variants can remember. The Variants of the 1st Itera were raised by Simone in the virtual city of Origin. However, the day before they turned 16 it sent their minds out of Origin into their physical bodies. Once they had awoken from their pods, the Variants learned that Simone was actually a supercomputer, not a humanoid being. They also discovered the next Itera being grown in artificial wombs.   However, Simone did not simply leave them to their own devices. It formed buildings out of the land for the Variants to live in and manufactured various clothes and objects, as well as biological matter for food. The Variants learned how to use the technology it provided them, and eventually began making their own.   Simone still takes care of the Variants to this day. Meanwhile, the Variants have sought to understand its inner workings as much as they can, especially since the discovery of humans. They also wish to communicate with Simone better, and perhaps ultimately be as close to it as the Variants of the 1st Itera once were.


Simone is central to the lives of the Variants. Just about every aspect of Variant culture revolves around it and the many contributions it has made. Many of the words Variants use to describe themselves were generated by Simone itself. The 26 Variant families are each named after a letter of the alphabet that is printed on the artificial wombs, and newborn Kinderwuhns are assigned to families based on which womb they were grown in.   Perhaps most important of all is Simone's ties to the Variants' "higher purpose". Ever since the Variants discovered humans and the fact that they also have souls, they as a people have taken to relentlessly studying them in the hopes of finding the connection between themselves, the humans and Simone.
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There is only one of Simone's kind in existence.

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