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Krispin and Lore's Clubhouse

Krispin invited me to his and Lore's clubhouse! He said he wanted to see my stories and do some writing together. I can't believe it. I've been waiting for something like this for so long. But... will Lore be there? She will, won't she? Those two are always together...   No, I can't think like that. It'll be fine. I just need to get my stories ready--   Oh no. I have to show him my stories? Ahhh, that's so scary! What am I going to do!?
Abyss's diary
  The Clubhouse is a large den located in Krispin (Itera B-22)'s backyard. It is where he and his best friend Lore (Itera Q-22) like to hang out and do all their writing. Krispin writes poetry and stand-up routines here, and he and Lore work on writing stories and plays with which to regale their fellow Kinderwuhns.


It was like we'd stepped into a real cottage. A home away from home. It didn't look like it was made from sculpted land at all. How did Krispin's family do this?
— Abyss's diary
  The interior is a single long, rectangular room, with walls that look and feel like they're made from wooden logs. The floor also has the appearance of wooden floorboards.

Sensory & Appearance

The inside was so cozy, and had such a warm glow. It was quiet, too. So very peaceful, like we'd slipped away from the rest of the world. The whole place... felt like a dream.
  The room is illuminated by a soft, warm light hanging from the ceiling. The walls are soundproofed to prevent distracting noises coming in from outside. The place has a homely, nostalgic feel to it.

Contents & Furnishings

We sat down at a long table and began to go through each other's work. There were only two chairs... this place really was just for him and Lore, wasn't it? But now I was sitting where Lore should be, and... guess what, diary? Lore actually left! She hung around and chatted with us for a bit, then said she had to go...   And then it was just us. No-one else except for me and Krispin, and his eyes, and his smile...   Ummm, well anyway, that's when I gave him my stories, and he gave me some of his poems. And we got to reading.
— Abyss's diary
  A long table lines one of the walls, with two chairs seated behind it. There is also a corkboard on the wall with various notes pinned to it.


The walls were dark brown and twisted on the outside, like gnarly wood. The roof was light yellow and had ridges sticking out of it that made it look exactly like a thatched roof. It looked like the whole thing was made from a giant, hollow tree stump. It was like something out of a fairy tale.
— Abyss's diary
  Like all buildings in Citadel, the Clubhouse was grown and sculpted out of the land by the B family. The walls were coloured to have a matte, dark brown look like the bark of a tree. A cross-hatch pattern was made on the rooftop to make it resemble a roof woven together with hay. The exterior is decorated with crystal flowers hanging wither side of the door, and a sign on the door saying, "Krispin and Lore ONLY!"


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