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Simula City (SIM-yoo-lah)

Simula City is a virtual city created almost 136 milos ago by the 12th Itera Scholars to more closely study human souls and how they work. It is inhabited by virtual humans (also known as Simulans) with simulations of souls running inside them. These humans are programmed with basic memories that fill their souls with ideas (though sometimes these memories are genrated based on ideas already preloaded into the soul). They are then placed inside the virtual city and allowed to live and interact with other Simulans. Meanwhile, the Scholars collect data on the simulated souls' processes and the new ideas propagated in response to certain situations.   In more recent times, a number of Scholars have gone on Simuleave by transferring their minds to Simula and living amongst the Simulans disguised as humans. This is considered by some to be much safer than living amongst humans while on Earth leave, as areas and memories can always be reset should a Scholar make a mistake and have their true nature be discovered, as well as after the Scholar leaves. It is even being considered as an alternative to traditional Earth leave (which normally takes place in remote locations) as humans occupy and explore more and more of the planet Earth. However, others argue that humans are ever-changing (now more than ever) and Scholars should not stop collecting soul data "out in the field". As it is now, Simuleave is most commonly used to train and test Scholars who wish to live and interact with humans while on Earth leave.


The virtual city is highly secured so that only authorized Scholars are able to access it and any related data.

Industry & Trade

The Simulans have jobs normally associated with a big city, such as doctors, accountants, office workers, performers and many others.


When a Simulan goes to sleep, a copy of them is spawned inside the Multiverse District, an invisible locked area of Simula where alternate versions of the Simulan are placed in various situations. These can range from the slightly less mundane to the outlandish and fantastical. The purpose of this district is to test how the same human soul reacts to different worlds and life histories. The memories of what takes place in the Multiverse District are either wiped right before the Simulan wakes up or amalgamated to simulate the experience of dreaming.
Founding Date
Year 212,300
Inhabitant Demonym
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