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A Scholar is a Variant who studies the human soul. This also extends to the soul located inside the supercomputer Simone, which is the source of its immense creative power. Scholars are the ones responsible for investigating the mysterious connection between humans, Variants and Simone. They also study Simone's creative processes in order to create innovative new technology both for further research and the benefit of Citadel.



Kinderwuhns are chosen to become Scholars by the Career Committee at age 15 milos. The assessment is based on the Kinderwuhn's prior skills and achievments, as well as their personality. Once they are assigned this role, they undergo Scholar training for one milos. They then become a full-fledged Scholar upon reaching legal adulthood at the age of 16 milos.

Other Benefits

Scholars gain access to the cutting edge of Variant technology, which is a genuine joy for many of them. Certain Scholars also have greater access to Simone and its inner workings, via working in divisions such as the Imaginarium.



Scholars are considered vitally important in understanding the reason why Variants exist at all, what purpose Simone intended for them - which is considered the mission of the species as a whole. They are also responsible for many technological advances that make Variant life the way it is.

Social Status

The Scholar role is one of the most highly sought out among Kinderwuhns. They are frequently considered viable candidates for the Council due to the multiple ways in which they serve both the community and the Variants' higher purpose.



The most important piece of equipment for a Scholar is the machine used to scan and analyse human souls. This device is capable of scanning every human soul on Earth, although more detailed analyses will often be performed on souls located in a certain area.


Scholars work in laboratories and advanced tech workshops. When they go on Earth leave, they often live in bases in remote locations. However, this is slowly changing, as there has been a recent push to have more Scholars spend their Earth leave living amongst humans.
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