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Proud and honorable people that are revered by the other races for their incredible skill in mining and all things smithing. The Dwarves view themselves as the owners of all that lies below the surface of Aurasong. They do not care much about what happens above ground, except when it interferes with trade or business.   Dwarves are not a particularly religious people. They believe that they were formed from the earth and stone that surrounds them, and believe that it is alive in some sense. They can see extremely well in low light and their sense of smell is highly developed. They reproduce slowly, with only a third of their population being female. Outsiders speculate that the imbalance in the numbers of men and women contributes to the famous Dwarven grumpiness.   Dwarven society is divided into clans, or large extended families, and each is quietly ruled by an oligarchy of elders. Once one has reached the age of 210 years, and gained a white head of hair, then one is admitted into this oligarchy whether that Dwarf wants to be in it or not. This circle of elders, (or Magam, as it is referred to by Dwarves) advises and nominates others for any tasks that need doing,. The Magam advise the king, who is appointed by that circle. They also performs judicial functions, settling disputes between clans lest a feud begins..   Dwarves have a rich and varied diet, with most staples being those root vegetables, lichens, and mushrooms that grow well beneath the earth. They do keep beasts for slaughter, though no outsider is quite sure what these beasts are, because Dwarves will not name them. Wine, ale, and beer are favorite drinks of Dwarves, though nearly all are obtained through trade with humans. Many a Dwarf has sought to develop a lichen ale, or mushroom beer to cash in on the Dwarven fondness for alcohol. There have been some successful attempts, but none are as popular as what comes from the surface.   Another feature they are respected for is their strength, shorter than a human yet a decent bit stronger than them. Dwarves stand between 4' and 5' tall on average.   They value martial prowess and craftsmanship.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Humanoid with a big upper body and broad shoulders. Stands between 4' and 5' tall on average.

Biological Traits

The oldest a dwarf has ever been know to live was a bit over 350 years old.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses include, hearing, sight, smell, taste, feel and if trained enough can utilize magic in various ways to sense their surroundings.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Kingdom of Humbria.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dwarven   Common/Human

260 years on average.
Average Height
4' to 5' tall.
Average Weight
60 - 80 kg.
Related Ethnicities

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