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Humans are one of the civilized races of Aurasong. Originally created by Adanos, they have been chosen by Innos as his people. The Elves refer to Humans as hasty, unpredictable, petty and selfish, but admire their passion. Dwarves think of Humans as disrespectful of others, too impatient, and far too accepting of the unknown. They also marvel at the ability to solve difficult problems and their capability for enterprise.   More than religious doctrine, historical tradition, or adherence to the laws set forth by the kings and queens of their nations, Humans tend to value monetary gain. This makes them enterprising and intuitive traders and merchants. These same tendencies often turn Humans into thieves, bandits, and confidence artists. Their cities tend to be the economic hubs for entire regions, and while they prize their own coinage, currency from every other culture can be found in their capitols.

Basic Information

Biological Cycle

Life expectancy is on average 80 years.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent beings which can sometimes lead to them trying to deceive other beings if they don't get their way.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses include, hearing, sight, smell, taste, feel and if trained enough can utilize magic in various ways to sense their surroundings.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Scientific Name
Homo sapien
80 years.
Average Height
Average Physique
Not particularly strong beings but they make up for it with their technology and intelligence.
Related Ethnicities

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