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These people are nomads with no one location as their home. They live on the islands and seas that surround the main continent.   Very often are they pirates and seen as a threat as they engage in piracy when the opportunity arises. Often seen as masters of the sea these people can navigate any channel or ocean using nothing but the sun or stars.   They can often be identified by their darker skin tone which have achieved through generations of being on boats under the burning sun, Islanders also often have intricate tattoos on many different locations on their bodies.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Asfour, Isis, Isa, Isaia, Rossa, Samaha, Hanania, Halla

Masculine names

Antar, Antoun, Arian, Asghar, Asker, Safar, Sayd, Salib, Saliba, Barbaros, Barbarous

Family names

Abadi, Abboud, Almasi, Amari, Dagher, Daher, Deeb, Kanaan, Kassab, Kassis, Kattan, Khouri, Khoury, Kouri, Koury, Maalouf, Maloof, Malouf


Major language groups and dialects


Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead have a sword tied to their arm and are then thrown into the ocean.


Relationship Ideals

These people don't really have any sense of monogamy and the children are often raised by the entire community on the boats.

Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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