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Hill dwarf

Often seen by mountain dwarves as dwarves that aren't real dwarves. They live in stone houses on the surfaces and in houses built into small hills similar to halflings.   They live in these communities and believe one shouldn't be seen as less of ones race simply by the way one builds their towns. Hill dwarves say that it is a lot faster to build hill dwarf towns and a lot cheaper too, which is certainly true but the mountain dwarves think it is extremely unsafe to live like this and one looses what makes someone a dwarf, good mountain homes and feasts in large dining halls with the rest of the community.   Hill dwarves often have access to more trade opportunities due to the nature of their towns.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Kulet, Nicol, Feb, Sedil, Byolla, Baldis, Sigrun, Malla, Nis, Oivor, Hera, Nomi

Masculine names

Urist, Gabil, Tholig, Izeg, Alak, Bidok, Anam, Zustash, Ugath, Andri, Skafar, Torhethin, Dwalin, Dwain, Rathspori, Fulla, Thorin

Family names

Hilbos, Nagmah, Ilstos, Roman, Hortus, Nabus, Woodar


Major language groups and dialects


Shared customary codes and values

Similar to their cousins, the mountain dwarves, the communities often have large feasts together.

Common Etiquette rules

Hill dwarves, grab each others hands and shake them when meeting one another.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a dwarf passes on, they get buried in coffins 6 feet underground.

Common Taboos

Tossing a dwarf is a big taboo. Touching a dwarfs beard is only allowed by the person they are intimate with, if anyone else does it, it is sees as a major insult.


Gender Ideals

The men often have long beards that are sometimes braided.   The women have long flowing hair that they occasionally braid.

Major organizations

The kingdom of Humbria.

Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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