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Noble and wise, the elves are sometimes seen as arrogant and can certainly act that way on occasion. They are in tune with nature and believe it should come before civilization and industry. A typical Elf is a few inches taller than a human, though some population are more fey in appearance and stand around five feet tall. The majority of are slight of build, with striking aquiline features and deep, intelligent eyes.   It is common opinion that the elves are immortal. With such long lifespans, the Elves have a different view of the world. They perceive events on a longer timescale than most cultures, and tend to take a more deliberate, measured approach to life. As such, many cultures perceive them to be haughty and aloof, while they tend to think of others as brash and impatient. Their families, cities, and nations expand with exquisite slowness by human standards, but are defended passionately and with extreme skill and magic.   The Elves take great pride in their ability with sword and bow. Both boys and girls are taught to use both from an early age, practicing an art form as revered as painting, singing, or sculpting—–all of which the Elves are renowned for. Their militaries are typically divided into irregular units featuring lightly armoured bowmen and rank-and-file soldiers armed with spear and shield.   Elven artisans are immaculate perfectionists, producing some of the most highly valued jewelry, and fabrics. Most of elven wares are reserved for Elven use only; their wares tend to be rare and expensive in the outside world, and their elegant coins tend to gather attention when they surface even if one elven gold coin is worth the same as all other gold coins.   The Elves are careful to preserve the natural world when they build their communities.

Basic Information


Humanoid, slender and tall. The average elf is 6' tall.

Growth Rate & Stages

Is classed as an infant from the ages of 0-1, toddler 1-4, child 5-12, adolescent 13-20, adult 20-infinite. An elf that is 40 years old looks like a human in his late twenties. An elf that is 200 years old however is said to look like a human in his early thirties so some people don't fully believe that the elves are completely resistant to the decay of time.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent beings.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Genetic Descendants
Average Height
Average Physique
Not very strong but make up for it with their skills with nature or magic.
Related Ethnicities

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