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The Beginning of Conflict

Love Live Our Glorious Union

Long live our glorious union, for we shall not falter before a feeble Empire. For the Federation
- George Whistle, 3998AC
  The Beginning of Conflict is a speech by President of the Federation George Whistle, made to all of the citizens of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets to alert them that the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace had declared war, and the 2nd Galactical War was underway. The speech is perhaps the most famous of those given by George Whistle, alongside In Regard to Total War. While technically a part of the same speech, the opening stages of Whistle's mammoth speech is known as the We are Engaged in a War that will Define our Generation Speech, with a clear and precise beginning and ending found within. However, the speech itself would last far longer and is most well known for the phrase, "Long live our glorious union", which has become a rallying cry for the Federation, both during and long after the 2nd Galactical War.   The speech was held on Envien only a day following the opening battles of the war, and the Invasion of the Federation. It is generally believed that Whistle wrote the speech himself, as he was known to do with other speeches of his, however, this is generally debated by historians and literary specialists, with some penning the speech to a ghostwriter, long forgotten by history.
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