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Elaine Kyra Naval Base

The Elaine Kyra Naval Base is a Federation Navy controlled military base on Adaren - a moon of Envis. The base serves as a command outpost for the Iomhare Defence Fleet, as well as an additional command outpost for the Federation Navy Home Command. The Federation Air Force also maintains a force at the base. The base is named for Elaine J. Kyra, a Fleet Admiral of the Federation Navy most notable for commanding the defence of Iomhare during Jerace's invasion during the 2nd Galactical War  It was built in 4762, after the FNV Porter Hijacking - which saw 23 thousand people lose their lives. The Federation Navy came under great criticism in the wake of the hijacking, due to a slow response, as opposed to the Federation Air Force - which had scrambled dozens of fighters and bombers within minutes of the attack. To rectify this slow response, the Federation Navy elected to build a new base on Envis' moon and dozens of other bases throughout Federation Space.     The base itself is built off of an enormous canyon, a massive expanse, which dot the surface of Adaren. The canyon the base is built on is among the largest of these expanses, which also allows Federation Naval ships to be protected underground, with an enormous underground complex below the base.
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