Zonthosh Guild

The Zonthosh Guild is dangerous, secret organization operating in Brightridge. Initially identified to The Party by Leaf-on-the-Water, before he was assassinated by one of their kenku operatives.   Leaf-on-the-Water believed them to be some sort of rival guild to the Shadow Thieves, making it difficult for them to expand there. He had tried to seek out more information on them, but they are hard to locate because they operate through intermediaries.   As of yet, agents of the guild have been found without any coins or valuables on their persons. Their lackeys do not appear to be working for money.   Lashan Valchek vas Koros eventually confirmed the suspicion that the Guild is headed by a Beholder - the titular Zonthosh. Lashan named a few key members of the guild, most of whom had been unknown to them at the time.  
  • Otto Steeltoes
  • Qisdinaru (previously encountered in the sewers by the party)
  • Grum'Larr (previously killed in the sewers by the party)
  • Veriene Darkeyes
  • Daniel Turnbell
  • Skeevo 'Stink' Skormont
  • Thorfin Dualbeard
  • Structure

    Structure is currently unknown, as they operate through proxies and intermediaries, aside from the known agents that report directly to Zonthosh.   Kenku agents appear to be their lowest-level pawns, with orcs providing muscle.


  • A network of spies throughout the city, including humanoid bodies with their brains replaced by Intellect Devourers
  • May be in control of the 500K GP treasure rumoured to be hidden within the city of Brightridge
  • The Stone of Secrets
  • Maps

    • Zonthosh's Lair