Otto Steeltoes

The Dwarf Otto Steeltoes is a former pirate, said to be Zonthosh's second-in-command within the Zonthosh Guild.   Due to Otto's pirate history, the party asked Jackie de Mowbray for information about him. Jackie said he could arrange a meeting with him, though his definition of "meeting" proved to be unorthodox. On Anchor Day, 8th of Reaping, the party found Otto locked in the basement of the Friendly Ghost. He proved resistant to the party's initial questioning, so he was handed over to the City Watch to be held in their jail until the party could devise a means to persuade him to talk.   Vathash Kerak vas Rannock was particularly antagonistic to Steeltoes on their first meeting.   Interrogating him further in the dungeon of Castle Bright, the party was able to ease the tension by magically resolving the 'sanitation' problem that had resulted by his confinement with the Iron Bands of Bilarro. In exchange for removing the bands, he divulged a few key pieces of information:  
  • He was abducted by surprise when he left the Zonthosh lair for air late at night. Presumably the abductor knew where he would be, and when, because he only leaves at night, and claims to do so discreetly.
  • Described the location of a Hidden Passage in the Raven Docks, which the party had already known about
  • Identified Istrid Horn, the moneylender in the Raven Docks, as the contact to see about entering the Zonthosh Guild's gladiatorial combats.
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