The Eye of the Beholder

There is evidence that the Zonthosh Guild be the followers of a Beholder Eye Tyrant, or in some way affiliated with beholders:  
  • Kenku in the Zonthosh Warehouse mentioned "getting the eyes"
  • One of the words on the puzzle door in the sewer was BEHOLDER
  • Illithid in the Sewers {Trevor's Master} was holding a staff or rod resembling a stone eye on a stalk
  • Beholder Eye Tyrants often make their lairs beneath cities, and subjugate lesser creatures to serve under their dominion - and even Illithid are lesser beings when compared to a Beholder.
  • When Jim the Imp returned to the room leading to the hidden sanctum, the puzzle unlocking the path inward was gone.   Possible leads for investigation:
  • Investigate map of the sewers from the Archives of Brightridge
  • Contact the Dungsweepers' Guild to question them about happenings in the sewers
  • Discuss discoveries with Savra Drake
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