Bugging Out

On the morning of Horizon Day, 20th of Flame, 1493, the Brightridge Record published a story with the headline: Third Found Dead in Raven Docks (Killed by Giant Centipede).   This claim struck Vathash as dubious, as centipedes (even of the monstrous variety) are wild beasts that kill for food, and would not likely leave a corpse in the streets after taking just a nibble. Nonetheless, the party deemed the matter worth investigating, and asked Savra Drake if this was a crisis known to the Brightridge City Watch. Savra did not know the details, but referred the party to Corinthe in the Raven Docks.   Later that night, Xev tasked Djhim with patrolling the Raven Docks while the party slept. Instead of any centipede attacks, it witnessed a drow, one of the Sanguine Serpents known as Elegnos, murdering a drunken tavern reveler. Although this lead to the hypothesis that Elegnos's murders were the root of the story, this idea was called into doubt the next time the party was in the Raven Docks. In the morning of Port Day, 9th of Reaping, 1493, the party heard screams from an alley and rushed to find a group of carrion crawlers about to attack a pair of commoners. They had been attacked while digging through the trash. Tracking the crawlers' trail back into the sewer led to a locked passage hidden behind an illusory alcove. This passage, according to an interrogation of Otto Steeltoes, is used by the Zonthosh Guild.   Further interviews with Corinthe, the Guard Lieutenant for the Raven Docks, revealed that all of the deaths in the ward have followed a pattern matching the modus operandi of Elegnos - none have resembled centipede attacks. Melanie Fallenbranch says she has not sensed the presence of any large-scale presence, as she would expect if there were an active nest.
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