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Qisdinaru was an Illithid in the service of the Zonthosh Guild, operating from a secret chamber accessed through a door in a supply room with a puzzle on the door. When this secret chamber was discovered and compromised, it was destroyed, along with the teleportation circle that it contained.   Prior to his death at the hands of the party, he served Zonthosh by creating Intellect Devourers to place spies and informants throughout the city of Brightridge.   Lashan Valchek vas Koros indicated that Qisdinaru was the only Illithid in the guild, and contrary to earlier assumptions, does not occupy a higher tier in the organization than Grum'Larr or Zonthosh's other key lieutenants.   Qisdinaru was killed through the efforts of the party in an assassination attempt carried out by Djhim.
Current Status
Date of Death
14th of Reaping, 1493
Aligned Organization
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