Dirty Jobs

Savra Drake, on behalf of the Virtuous Gauntlet. asked the party to look into complaints from the Dungsweepers' in the Raven Docks, alleging that they have been suffering attacks during their shifts. Details were sparse about the nature of the attacks.   In the morning of Port Day, 9th of Reaping, the party met with these assailed dungsweepers. It quickly became obvious that there story did not entirely add up. They allowed one person to do all of the talking in an attempt to keep the story straight, but were reticent to share many specific details. Eventually, they admitted that they had faked their own injuries - they genuinely believed that they were in danger, but felt the need to fake this evidence of actual attacks to have their concerns taken serious by the Brightridge City Watch.   After being pressed for more details, they revealed that their fears stem from finding suspicious notes when gathering trash, demanding that they stop snooping through that trash. The Dungsweepers Guild is afforded the right of 'gleaning' the trash they collect for any discarded valuables they wish to keep, and this seemed to be angering some citizens.   Ultimately, the party determined that one of their number had been possessed by an Intellect Devourer. Without revealing this truth, they went with the sweepers on their daily route. At an opportune time, they cornered the Intellect Devourer and forced it to leave the body, managing to capture it alive. After some considerable effort to calm the other sweepers and convince them that the party had not just murdered their friend, the captive Intellect Devourer was turned over to Savra Drake for study by the city.   Xev theorized that the Zonthosh Guild chose to infiltrate the Dungsweepers' Guild due to their right of 'gleaning,' as this might help them spy on citizens within the city by means of dumpster diving. It is also possible that they infiltrated the Dungsweepers' to deter them from snooping around in the trash of areas that could expose Zonthosh. The truth remains unknown.
Completion Date
9th of Reaping, 1493
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Parent Plot
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