Zonthosh Sewer Network

The Zonthosh Guild's sewer network is a system of tunnels, interconnected through several hexagonal chambers that serve as hubs, with branch tunnels leading out to approximately twenty hidden and guarded exits within the city's sewer system. One of these exits had previously been discovered by the party, but the extent of the network was revealed through interrogation of Thorfin Dualbeard. The network is the entry point into Zonthosh's main lair beneath the Castle Ward  

Known Exit Points


Raven Docks

  There is a locked door in the sewers beneath the Raven Docks which was initially hidden behind the illusion of a stone alcove. The carrion crawlers plaguing the district appear to have emerged from this hidden passage, and Otto Steeltoes claims that the passage belongs to the Zonthosh Guild.   An initial, hidden intrusion into this lair revealed it to be guarded by several Kenku, and a pair of gazers. Veriene Darkeyes was also present, but has not been seen here in subsequent explorations.  

Silverwine Ward

  By detecting the thoughts of a captured Intellect Devourer, another hidden passage was located beneath the Silverwine Ward.
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