Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Savra Drake, on behalf of The Virtuous Gauntlet , has asked for the party's assistance to handle special work that is beyond the capabilities of the Brightridge City Watch.  

The Gilded Grim

  The first assignment from Savra is to investigate and end ongoing attacks on businesses in the Ivy Ward, allegedly at the hands of a mercenary group called The Gilded Grim. The reward for this task would be 60gp (negotiated up from 50gp by Xev). Their attacks happen on Port Day and Horizon Day, breaking windows and properties. The Watch have been unable to catch the culprits in the act, and the locals have refused to talk to them.   Savra would prefer that the culprits be taken alive, if possible, but no fuss will be made if they are killed in action.  

Finding the Gilded Gale

  • Marigold Duststone at the Cobblers' and Corvisers' House claims to have been a victim for refusing to pay protection money to the assailants.
  • The same group comes back every week
  • They always come on Horizon Day, but the time of day varies
  • Marigold initially reacted negatively to the party, as Wash had a 'weathered' look similar to the attackers
  • Felzoun Wareye at Felzoun's Folly has been paying 2gp every week to avoid attacks
  • the attacks have been happening for about 2 spans
  • The offenders have been coming and going from a residential building in the area, which they seem to own or have occupied
  • Fight on the Streets

    The party approached the Grim's apparent base of operations in the Ivy Ward. A fight broke out when Wash Odreth demanded that they open the door. In the ensuing conflict (which two members of the Brightridge City Watch joined), Daxton Thomson and four other henchmen were apprehended. Two other henchmen managed to escape.   The ringleader, identified by Daxton as a man named Ezra, was intentionally allowed to escape so that he could be tracked to his superiors or to his headquarters. He flet to the Sunset Gate, where he waited for a chance to speak to one of the guards alone. This guard told him to relax and it would be taken care of, because "the Grim take care of our own." The two left into the alleys, with Xev's imp familiar still following, when the guard attempted to kill the unsuspecting Ezra. Thanks to a timely warning from Xev, he escaped the murder attempt, and was ultimately apprehended by the City Watch.   The party delivered news of this to Savra Drake, along with the small cache of coins that was recovered from the Grim, and a ledger indicating who had paid into their racket. Savra indicated that they would handle the rogue guard, and rewarded the party with the agreed payment, as well as a pair of magic items.  

    The Obsidian Viper

    The next task for which Savra solicited the party for aid was to investigate the alleged return of an infamous thief known as The Obsidian Viper. This thief was notorious for targeting the noble estates of Brightridge, but seemingly disappeared a decade ago. These claims were published by the Brightridge Record. The party was tasked to investigate the veracity of these rumours.   Lothel Bonerock at the Brightridge Record was unwilling to divulge his sources, but stands by the stories he has published. He shared some information on the Viper:
  • She is known to be a woman, though always wears a mask hiding her face
  • He believes her to be the secret, evil twin sister of Misty Firelight - though he can cite no real evidence to back this claim, and there is no record of such a sister existing
  • The party returned to Savra with the inconsistencies in the story, and the suspicion (but not proof) that it was a bogus rumour - this was sufficient for a reward.