Ivy Ward

Shopping! Eating! Drinking! This ward is busy day and night. While other wards have shops, the Ivy Ward is where most shops wish they could be. Signs for stores leap out of buildings that can reach up to five stories high.   The banner for the Ivy Ward is a treasure chest but many claim it is a mimic instead due to the duplicitous nature of some vendors in the ward.   Residents of the Ivy Ward are solidly middle class and most homes are tightly packed row houses.   The city watch sends patrols to the Ivy Ward, often in and out of uniform to keep the area safe.   A common saying about the Ivy Ward is: “If it’s not illegal you can find it here. If it is illegal you can probably find it here too.”   One of the most famous establishments in the Ivy Ward is the Copper Cup, a tavern and inn that most newcomers arrive at due to being so close to the Sunset Gate. Other types of shops and facilities found in the Ivy Ward include but are not limited to: Gloves, Shoes, Jewellery, Perfumes, Flowers, Cakes, Taverns, Cafes, Tea, Inns, Boarding Schools, Offices, Dance Academies, Grocers, Pottery Stores, Armour and Weapon Vendors.
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