The Post-Wizard Always Casts Knock Twice

Savra Drake of The Virtuous Gauntlet has asked the party to deliver a package to Cedany Rowntree, the Goldstaff of Brightridge. It is, for reasons that are left to Cedany to explain, important that the package be delivered by outsiders. For this seemingly simple delivery mission, the reward would be 20gp.   It was left to the party's discretion when they would undertake this task, but after discovering the Intellect DevIntellect Devourerof a dungsweeper, Savra personally handed the package over to the party, indicating that now would be a very good time to complete the delivery. The package is wrapped and in a small, wooden box, sized 12" x 10" x 10".   The package turned out to be a Lantern of Tracking, tuned to track aberrations. The true purpose of the job was to give Cedany Rowntree the opportunity to confirm that the party had not been compromised by the Zonthosh Guild, as the party's apparent absence for two weeks had aroused some suspicion.
Completion Date
Port Day, 9th of Reaping, 1493
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