Savra Drake

Savra Drake is the young Captain of the Griffon Cavalry, and also the leader of the Virtuous Gauntlet.   Savra received word of the bodies that the party had turned in to the Brightridge City Watch, and made the connection that they must be illithid victims. She presumes that the party are capable and have trustworthy intentions, and has requested their services for the Virtuous Gauntlet. After taking her to Helm's Hall and verifying her with a Detect Evil spell, the party has agreed to look into some problematic situations in the city.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Savra wears magical +1 armor, and a magical spear. These are ancestral family items.


Contacts & Relations

Savra claims to have known Rowan growing up.
Currently Held Titles
Late 20's
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations