Zakan, Called Cultist

The poor fool, forgotten by all. When he found purpose, he poured his heart and soul into it, drowning any shadows of doubt with zeal.
  A member of the Called of exceptional fervor, Zakan has had a hard life. Born into a family of indentured servants, his has been a life of toil and hardship, a struggle between disease, starvation, and strife. When he heard the Song, it was the first time he ever felt like his life had something to it, something beyond work and misery.   Zakan is a short, hard man, strong as a Khtam but warped by a lifetime of crawling through tunnels and hefting heavy loads. His right arm never set quite right after an accident, bends at a strange angle. Despite his injuries and several minor mutation, he has not slowed much in his labors. In his drab, dirty clothes and quiet manners, Zakan fades away into the teeming masses of humanity, one of many, without face or purpose.   Among his fellow Called, another man emerges from the grime and filth. His eyes gleam wildly, he shouts and praises loudly, throws himself into fits of ecstatic revelry, frothing and rolling on the ground. There's no deed Zakan will not do for his fellowship, and no danger he will not face - a fact that makes him all too blind to being played as a stooge and sacrifice, when the time comes.
The Called   A loose confederacy of believers, brought together by their belief that in the deep, dangerous darkness of Patala, there is something divine. It sings to them through the gleaming Thought-Metal, a radiant lure for lives usually filled with misery and hardship. What awaits them there should they find it - a heaven or hell, death or redemption - no one knows.   Read More About The Called
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3 Jul, 2022 21:17

It's a nice short presentation of the POV character of an article, I like this format if you want to continue with it :D

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Thank you! I think I will :D

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I really enjoy this method of a quick small bite-sized article. It's a lovely introduction to this character!

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Thank yoou! :D

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6 Aug, 2022 23:21

Great introduction to this character. I don't think I'd particularly want to interact with him, though. XD

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7 Aug, 2022 07:13

Hahah, me neither. Thank you :D

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