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The Balraious Code

(Legacy Content)
The Balraious Code refers to a form of communication used by members of the Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig during covert and illicit operations. The acolytes of the Conclave, who primarily use the code thanks to their presence on the front of factional conflicts, have managed to keep this code mostly secretive since these inducted members are entirely fanatical and would gladly give their lives before allowing such important details to be leaked.  


The Code is often described by those who hear it as a fusion of seemingly random sounds and words into an unintelligible jargon, though in reality it is far more complex as the words only contain half of the meaning. In addition to the confusing sounds made by the cultists, the other half of the Code is made up of a series of complicated hand signals, which appear to be intentionally designed to confuse those who view it without knowledge of the language as it literally appears as mindless flailing. The fact that the Code includes both verbal and non-verbal forms in its communication has misled many linguists attempting to decipher it, since even if advanced interrogations lead to the verbal component, the gestures would still be lost on them.

Geographical Distribution

The Balraious Code is spread just as far as the influence of the Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig, which includes portions of each of the four major continents of Tyrralore, Saeralore, Ysrailore, and Gjalvalore, as well as numerous other continents and island countries.

Additional Details

There is a common belief in many governmental circles that this Code simply does not exist, as its complexity has lead to many false engagements when confronting the Conclave, and that its members merely created it as a red herring to waste time and resources. However, this theory is largely disproven due to the fact that members of the Conclave can easily pick out newly implanted spies thanks to their use of this seemingly nonsensical Code.


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