Rathna Stone

Rathna was born to Bengali immigrant parents in London. Her mother came to London as an ayah, while her father was a lascar or sailor.  

Religious background

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Rathna's parents both died before she had more than a child's understanding of Hinduism, and she spent the next years in situations that had no space for her to learn more. Even when she arrived at Schola, which had a Hindu professor (Dipti Acharya, the deputy headmistress), she and others came from different castes and areas of India, and Rathna never figured out how to do more than share in what they put together.   Avigail Levy is deeply embedded in the Jewish community of Spitalfields, and once Rathna came under her care, she found the more familial traditions extremely soothing. As an adult, Rathna continues to avoid eating shellfish, pork, or meat and dairy together (and she does not eat beef due to her own customs).   And while she is glad to turn on a light or a number of other tasks on Shabbat, she strongly prefers to keep it as a day without work if she is not actively engaged in something urgently needed.

Appears in


The Fossil Door

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Over the course of The Fossil Door it becomes clear that Rathna's father died when she was 6, and her mother when she was 8. Sent to an orphange, she tested with a strong potential for magic, and was given a place at Schola where she was sorted into Seal House.   In her second year, Avigail Levy came to investigate the current students for potential to become Portal Keepers. Rathna showed great potential, and Avigail took her in as a potential apprentice. Rathna did well in school, and even better in apprenticeship. When The Fossil Door begins, she has been sent to Scotland to investigate why a new portal there has stopped working. Gabriel Edgarton has been assigned to assist her. Over the course of the book, they work through some of their own personal limitations, and find they collaborate splendidly.

Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna

Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna is a mailing list extra that includes scenes from Gabe and Rathna's lives before and after The Fossil Door. It includes Avigail Levy initial meeting with Rathna, Rathna's apprenticeship, and their collaboration in talking to Gabe's family after they return from their trip at the end of The Fossil Door.



Married name: Rathna Edgarton
(professionally: Rathna Stone or Mistress Stone)   Born: 1893   Family:   Profession: Portal Keeper   Education: Schola, Seal House