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7.20.1568 ACF

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A secluded island nation, Akkadia only recently opened to the world at large. A long century at war with undead forces led the populace to huddle in their walled city, fearful and paranoid. Outsiders were only allowed entry to the docks, the Trade District, and, on rare occasions, into the Spire, for over 500 years. However, recent developments with Akkadian society and economy led the governing body -- the Alabaster Order -- to make immigration and general access to Akkadia from outsiders legal.   Now, the city thrives on trade from all over the world, offering unique goods, materials, and crafts to a curious populace. The Academy Arcane tightens its grip on magical activity, fearing the influence that outsiders bring. The dominant draconic-deity-worshipping religion headed by High Priest Lucidus now sees opposition from foreign beliefs flooding in. What was once a sealed-off land, safe in its high-walled cocoon, now churns with entropy...and with chaos comes adventure.

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Acquisitions Incorporated, Akkadia

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Acquisitions Incorporated establishes a foothold on Akkadia, but at what cost?