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Urud the Owl

Most people would assume that an Illendrith such as Iriane would have a companion that would fit well with her wisdom. But many are surprised when they hear she only had the tiniest owl in Western Agia.
— Aewydim Scibodaeth
  Urud was a little owl of a mere 16 cm in height. He was the companion to Iriane, an Illendrith and Hailan of wisdom and compassion.

While Iriane was one of the wisest women of her time, the same could not be said about Urud.

An Unlikely Meeting

The legend of Urud and Iriane begins when Urud could barely fly. Urud was always a curious little creature and when one day his parents did not return to the birch tree cavity which they lived in, Urud took it upon his shoulders to go look for his parents. But the little owl did not make it far. He fell from the nest onto the ground and hurt his foot.

It was then that Iriane came by and heard the little owl’s desperate cry. She carefully picked up Urud and returned to the temple where her brothers and sisters were, where she nursed Urud until he could walk once more, and kept him until he had grown up and could take care of himself.

As the weeks and months went by, the two had grown fond of each other's company, and the day for which Iriane had to release him back to nature had suddenly approached. She had discussed with her sisters and brothers at the temple whether she should keep Urud, but they were not as happy with the little troublemaker and almost forced Iriane to release him. Every time she would take him out and release him into the air to make him fly away, he would fly back to her.

She realised they were inseparable and kept him hidden for a while until there were pellets in random places inside the temple, and his presence was too obvious.

Urud the Great Mouse Hunter

To think of finding owl pellets on the floor by accidentally stepping on them makes my skin crawl.
— Aewydim Scibodaeth
While he was not the most clever creature in Agia, Urud was definitely the most loyal companion anyone could wish for. And he showed his worth to the Illendriths, who had all been sceptical about keeping an owl.

Urud proved to be a superb hunter of mice, and suddenly the old temple, Yntas, no longer had any mice problem, unless Iriane and Urud were away. One thing the sisters in the temple were less fond about, was the morning gifts of dead mice on their bed and a very proud Urud looking at them.

Urud the Stupid

Despite his usefulness against mice, Urud had a severe problem of overestimating his size. He would often get into fights with the neighbouring cat, which he thought to be the perfect dinner size. This caused him to look more shaggy and ugly over the years. But where most saw him as stupid and clumsy, Iriane only saw braveness and loyalty. The two were inseparable for almost seven years until the sudden death of Iriane, who got caught up in the war between the Illendriths and the Church of Irath.

Urud stood by her side until she drew her last breath, and did not leave until he too died from hunger, giving up life because his one true friend had died.

The Constellation of Iriane and Urud

In the star constellation of Iriane, Urud has also gotten a few stars to represent his loyalty to Iriane. The constellation of Urud contains merely eight stars and is considered being one of the smallest constellations in the night sky. The constellation of Urud is placed on the upper-right of the constellation of Iriane.

This is just a placeholder drawing for Urud
Agian pygmy owl
about 16 cm
about 35 cm
red-tinged with dots on the back and black tail

Character Portrait image: by PanthersEye


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Damn. Way to hurt me at the last second, haha.

23 Sep, 2023 00:45

You are welcome or something :D

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23 Sep, 2023 08:30

That placeholder drawing is cute! love his little scarf.

23 Sep, 2023 09:24

It's my DnD character. I can't really get a good position to draw when I got a sprained ankle, so artsies must wait :')

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23 Sep, 2023 09:47

This is such a wonderful little creature!   It's interesting that you show the consistency of the character throughout his lifespan. As a fledgling (?) he overestimated his capabilities to go look for his parent, which cost him a broken leg but gained a friend. Later on, it cost him the looks and life... It feels almost as if he felt internally big and wholesome, which would project on his external/physical capabilities.   I would love to see the starry sky with Urud and Iriane at one point. It feels like a beautiful touch to their story, not to mention a way to commemorate a smol birb, which was almost shooed away from the Temple. :D   Not being familiar enough with the characters, I miss some tooltip on Aewydim Scibodaeth. I feel she is someone important but cannot infer much. And this information would enable me to paint her words with more credibility or more bias perhaps?   Overall, I loved the article and as Jacob, LOVE the cute little scarf. XD   Thank you for a good read!

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Sweet owl. What's interesting is that you're playing with portraying the owl as clumsy, even though owls are considered smart "companions." It was a nice little story and I think it's a great idea that they symbolized the close relationship with the constellation and death from a broken heart. I would also be happy to see the constellation.

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What a little cutie! It's too bad that he was left alone in the end. Death can be unnecessarily cruel.

17 Oct, 2023 15:50

Thank you. Yes, death can be cruel, but they are forever united in the night sky :)

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