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Ice Peaks of Pierion

The ice glacier known as The Ice Peaks of Pierion is a harsh environment that sustains life for very few creatures. The Frost Giants and their ice cattle, and a few Dwarves, some Remorhaz, and one cantankerous White Dragon make up most of the denizens of the Ice Peaks.   The Frost Giants make up the bulk of the population and, like their (slightly) southern cousins, live in a clan-based society, ruled by their strongest member known as the Jarl. Aside from a few roving bands of Frost Giants the majority of their race live in Frostspire Keep, a great stronghold of Ice and Stone. They live hard, they enjoy their festivities, and they love killing. The Jarl’s word is law and unless he is killed in open combat nobody ever goes against him.   The few Dwarves that live in the Ice Peaks have made a good living off of the ore and gems (Ice Diamonds mostly) but they have a very hard life. There is no permanent Dwarven settlement as they have to move often to avoid the Frost Giants and other hazards, but they have formed an organization called the Clarity Cut Combine. The Dwarves are made up of citizens originally from both Shardhold and Deep Delve in Denethen's Helm.  They have an Overseer for their settlements, which can change from time to time, but the Dwarves do not really take much stock in who is running the operation, as long as they are profitable and can survive. Individual Dwarves can make quick decisions for the security of the whole group and often do. They have more important things to worry about than who is in surviving.   The largest White Dragon on Starhelm, lives on the glacier, but she has some of her younger siblings and mate with her as well. The Frost Giants have dubbed her Frostbite and they are constantly on the lookout for her or her family. Frostbite has been known to steal half a herd of mammoths in minutes, sometimes taking their handlers along with them. The one creature that gives Frostbite concern is Ogzegu the White Troll, an extremely rare and powerful Goblin that has evolved into the pinnacle of their race. Ogzegu and Frostbite continually fight over land and resources, with neither one getting the upper hand for long.
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