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Small creatures formed from darkness itself to serve their master's purpose


"If there's one thing anyone here in the mines knows, is to never, EVER go deeper into the tunnels without an exploration party. They say them shadows are always there, watching, just waiting for us to make the wrong move..."
— a dwarf miner

Not to be confused with Ghosts, Shades are mistakingly assumed to be remnants of souls, which they are not. Formed from pure Darkness, shades are semi-autonomous beings that act under a mastermind of sorts, someone, or something, that created and controls them. They have a purpose and can only be found nearby the source of their power, making them a very rare sight.

Basic Information


As a product of magic, there is no internal biology of set morphology to the shades. They often take a vague shape of humanoids but can take nearly any form.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Shades can only be found where there is something strong enough to generate them. One such place is in the Blightwoods and the deeper reaches of The Veins in Archana. It is believed that The Whispering One is the source of power that creates the shades roaming those lands.

Average Intelligence

A shade itself has no intelligence as it is only a magical construct. Still, one should not face a shade as if it was a non-intelligent being, such as a Shrieker, since they can be actively controlled by someone.

Perception and Senses

Shades have a rough magical resonance ability, being able to detect and be attracted to bodies of aether, especially of the Light type, as their higher purpose is to end life.


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