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Ironhawk Brawl

A fighting tournament at the Hawkcliff Citadel


"My people! This year we have the honor to welcome to the Ironhawk Brawl not one, but TWO teams of outsiders! Each of them composed of able adventurers, seeking to prove their skill and teamwork in our grand tournament! Please, show them the warmest reception of our kin!"
— Bhogur Stanweall, Count of Hawkcliff

Deep into the tunnels of the Hawkcliff Citadel lies an arena, a place where the local Dwarves fight for their honor and settle down their differences that Justice cannot resolve. But there is also the Ironhawk Brawl, a biannual tournament in which they fight to find the greatest warrior among them - and this event has recently been opened to outsiders.


The contenders join the brawl as teams of 3, but will also have to fight solo. In the first round, each contender fights on their own against contenders from other teams in order to measure their individual power, accumulating points for themselves and their team. Then, during the second round, they will fight together against other teams.

By the end, the winners will be chosen in two categories. The team with the largest sum of points will be the winners of the team category, while the individual with the most points will be the ultimate champion of the Brawl.

Components and tools

The contenders may use any personal equipment they have, but bonded items have a few restrictions. An item may aid, but not fight for the contender - anything too powerful that frees the contender from any demonstration of their own of skill is forbidden.

The battles takes place in the Ironhawk Arena, which has a few rules bond to it. The arena changes its shape depending on random picks that happen before a battle. The arena may be simple and flat, but may also have varying configurations of earth buildings and obstacles, traps, and other elements.


Anyone may take part in the competition, as long as they pass the initial tests to prove they are able warriors. Anyone else may watch the event, though outsiders are rare since the way up to the Citadel is a difficult trip for common people. The Count of Hawkcliff sits by the arena on a throne, from where he can watch and judge the battles and results.

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