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Ironhawk Arena

Traditional fighting grounds for the dwarves of the Hawkcliff Citadel


"There are no compensations for the crimes the culprit has committed. For this reason, as our Law demands, I declare this dispute will be settled through a trial by blood in the Arena."
— the judge in Hawkcliff's Court

Among the buildings of the Hawkcliff Citadel hidden inside the Bashmu mountains, the Ironhawk Arena is undoubtedly the most famous, both locally and regionally. A fighting arena where champions fight for glory and wrongdoers fight for redemption.


Purpose / Function

The dwarves first built the Arena as a safe place for disputes to be resolved. By their law, when two parties cannot resolve their conflicts through diplomacy, they are allowed to resolve them through a fight. These brawls attracted a lot of attention from the population, and so they had the idea to hold an annual tournament for their amusement.


The Arena is a simple, flat, sandy rock floor, with the Count's balcony on one side and the grandstands on the others. The balcony is especially remarkable, made on a typical dwarven style, decorated with flags and a great hawk statue made of iron just below the throne. As it is made of rock, the floor of the arena can also be changed through the use of Earth magic. It is often done to create obstacles to spice up the fights, but can also be used by the contenders' advantage as well.

Parent Location
Hawkcliff Citadel
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Archana

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