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Adcheryl's House

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Developed by a single drawing, it's the science fantasy setting in a fictional earth inspired by Roman-Greeco era. The story follow of what happen - if one nation got the too advanced they decided to take over the world?

Confederate States of Earth (C.S.E.)

Confederate States of Earth

The Space of Change

The largest human space community. Humanity may have lived seperately in the galaxy, but with a single condition, they can live in harmony, and that's what C.S.E. came to be. However, the greatest conflict since its foundation, is happening.

The Exotic Program

The Exotic Program

Robots, Sentience, and Consciousness

The present-day Terraloga. Setting in a metropolis, it's about robots, artificial inteligences, nanomachines, and mind transfering. With cold cases and the corperation's secret, the future of their people is undefined.


Project Arcarain

Modern, Medieval and Magics!

A collaboration with my senior Enjin comes the high fantasy fictional world inspired by Gintama. The ancient conflict between gods and the war caused by its inhabitant help shaping the world to what it is today; the unexpected mix of modern and traditional era.

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