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Bold New World

The following is a letter Joridyn Tifwado wrote to Alykin, Champion of the Devils’ Storm, shortly after her victory. This letter marks the birth of the Independent City of Tifwado, as we know it, and the creation of the Heroic Adventuring Leagues.
  My Dear Alykin,   I knew you as a mere youth of 42. I raised you as if you were my own. And now you are know throughout the world as The Champion. I suppose you will always be my little Alykin-kin. And that is why I am penning you this letter.   The battle is won. But we cannot let our guard down. The Devils will rebuild and when they return, we must be prepared.   The exchange of knowledge and talents between Folk must be allowed to continue. It is imperative that we do not return to our isolationist ways.   I feel the effects of age chasing me and I know that I do not have long. I cannot say whether my successor will share my sentiments. I cannot know if the one after her will see the value in all Folk. This is why I have made the decision to offer my kingdom and my rulership to the Folk of the Western continent.   With your support, we can convince the others on the Tifwado elder council to concede their positions in exchange for other Folk representatives. Together, we can transform Tifwado into a gathering place for all Folkkind. A place where ideas and information are exchanged and enhanced. Where magitech can flourish exponentially.   This is my dream.   And if we are to be prepared for the battle. If we are to keep the Western Continent safe. We must train all Folk to work together from a young age. An interesting ceremony from Human Folk caught my attention. Their Peregrination Ceremonies allow young people to explore the world independently.   I believe we can build upon this ceremony so that all Folk can participate. If you create an adventuring league under your name, young Folk from all backgrounds can join. Cooperative exchange will be ingrained in them at a young age and we can guide the youth with training to fight and spirit of adventure. As we witnessed in the Devils' Storm, it is not an army we need. Military can never innovate. But the creative souls of experienced adventurers, like you.   I do hope I have your support, as I believe my vision is only possible with the backing of the Champion.       Please heed my words. We have much to do. I look forward to your return to Tifwado so we can discuss the future.   Your Servant,   Joridyn Tifwado, Elder Ruler
Bold New World is the unofficial title of the letter Joridyn wrote to Alykin, Champion of the Devils' Storm. So titled because it was through the contents of this letter that the first truly inter-Folk city was created. That diversity flourished. And that the Heroic Adventuring Leagues were created. It was a few years later that Academies were formed, each one connected to an Heroic Adventuring League. Something about youth dying on missions rubbed Folk wrong so Leagues set up extra training and extra hurdles before Folk could be accepted as official members of an Heroic Adventuring League. You can find this letter in the Champion of the Devils' Storm Historical Museum, which showcases the life of Alykin.

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Jul 30, 2021 10:55 by A

A worthy ambition I would say. It is sad to know that their own relatives go against them with their Elves-only League (for a while at least). As it seems from this, the decision to make the city independent (or influence it) was to prevent such actions. It is an emotional letter as I read it, knowing what happened afterwards as well. Good work!

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Jul 31, 2021 22:52 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it. In times of trouble, people with differing backgrounds come together so they can all save themselves. It's a lot easier to fall back into old ways when there is relative peace.

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