Étharié the Corruptress

All of us live with a demon inside. Some feed it, nuture it and then let it loose. Others repress it, starve it and confine it. Étharié, well, she was not of the second sort.
— Menelaus Menel, former first seat of Solaris Conclave
The world's inertia prevents it to ever change by itself. I wanted to change it so I did what I had to. I gained power. I obtained followers I even sold my soul to a demon.
I bled many times, I failed even more, but each time I stood back up I fought back and I changed the world. I owned it.
— Étharié Menel, Corruptress of the Dark cult

Early life

Étharié Menel was a High born Ereldar. She was known as one of the most beautiful women in the whole city of Solaris. One glance at her purple eyes could bewitch the proudest of the High born men, her bright red lips, soft as cotton, was the dream of many, her skin, the whitest of all the High born ladies, was described as silk smooth by her governess, and finally, her hair, translucent, which was kept short despise her high rank was adding a rebellious touch to that goddess of beauty, that magnificent doll that every High-born, middle-born or ground-born in the city wished to wed.
But beauty was not her only gift as she was also blessed with a magic potential surpassing the third seat of Solaris' Conclave, Menelaus Menel her uncle, to whom she was promised but yet to be married.

Corsolath's pyramid

After the discovery of the ancient Eldar ruins and their explorations by Menelaus, Étharié found herself linked to the first demonic artifact ever found, Xérulath. Helped by the third seat of the Solaris Conclave Kanealoth, she slowly built the Dark cult, a secret organization using a demonic magic called Witchcraft and whose goal was to destroy the current ereldar society and their government the Conclave.

The civil war

As the organization size grew, Étharié changed, the corruption of the demonic artifact spread in her mind altering her psyche. She became paranoid, megalomaniac and agressive. The Dark cult was finally discovered by the Conclave who decided to create a special police called 'Ithael' whose only goal was to hunt down the cultists and forbid the usage of Witchcraft. A civil war started in Solaris city bewteen cultists and Ithael agents. Menelaus, helped with his students (known later as the Nine), had discovered and learned Theurgy, a sacred magic that could block Witchcraft. He unmasked Kaneathos the traitor who was executed. Using the newly acquired magic, Ithael and the Conclave had the upper hand in the war and the rebellion was bring to its heels.
After the disparition of the Dark cult from the streets, Ithael and the Nine continued to track all the remaining cultists. This grim era of tracking, denunciation and killing is known as the Witch Hunt.

Blood moon demons

Étharié and the survivors of the Dark cult went back Corsolath pyramid. Inside a secret chamber in the pyramid, they found a way to summon in this world Xérulath brethren, other demons.
Fifty cultists executed the ritual during the event of the Blood moon night and more demons were summoned into the world causing mayhem in Solaris and the neighboring ereldar cities.
Overrun by the demons Ithael and the Nine tried to defend the city but it was a massacre.
During the same night, Menelaus, his two best students and some Ithael agent raided Corsolath pyramid in the assumption that Étharié and Xérulath hide there. After the battle, Xérulath was back to her dagger form and was sealed by Menelaus who later died of his wound in Ithael headquarter.  

Forced exile

Without Xérulath, the root of Witchcraft, Étharié decided to flee the city with her followers while Ithael agents were busy fighting of the demons. They travelled east and many cultists from neighboring cities joined them, making the fleeing looking like an exodus.
Ithael agents tracked them to kill them but Étharié succeeded in saving her followers.
As the cult was moving east and getting away from Xérulath, the corruption they were all under weakened and with it everyone power but Étharié's.
They understood that they had been manipulated by the demon living in the dagger and that their only course of action now was to create a new society very far from the ereldar to be sure they would not chase them.

The green folks

The cult decided to rename themselves Daeloth, blessed by the moon in memory of the blood moon night that they had survived. Under the direction of Étharié, their leader, the continued to travel east and were raided by an orc tribe that captured some daeloth as slaves. Weakened by the exodus and their curse, only Étharié was still powerful enough to fight back, she went to the orc tribe village and crushed them without ceremony to free her brethren. They even enslaved some orcs to use as carriers.

Safe haven

Finally, their quest of a better land stopped and they set up in a rainforest very far east, surrounded by swamp. There, nobody would find them and they started to live in peace. Étharié was elected Queen of the Daeloth and started a society based on egalitarianism and meritocracy. Every one was equal at first, but only the more invested aquired privileges.

The Daeloth Empire

Generation after generation, century after century, even millenium passed and the daeloth grew and became a large civilization under Queen Étharié. She was the only one that seemed to not age since the corruption of Xérulath and as their queen she would stay in function until her death.
The society was now less egalitarian and more meritocratic. The privileged Daeloth were divided in houses, a similar concept to the families of the ereldar society. Everything was not based on magic potential but on any kind of power. It could be gold, military, influence, information, technology, magic or anything that could give a house an edge over its enemies.
The old threat of demons had been slowly forgotten and a new kind of Witchcraft had been instaured, summoning demons was made psosible but only lesser and minor demons could effectively be called in our world. Summoning larger demons was impossible but a new type of spells was devised, called pacts, it was a contract between a major or superior demon and a member of house, with this contract, the daeloth could modify his body temporary to acquire a part the power of the under contract demon. In exchange, the demonist would pay the demon a fragment of his life force.
Daeloth houses were related to major demons thus creating a rivalry between them. But Étharié was against it. She remembered perfectly the time of the corruption of the ereldar, the evil that was within them and what the Dark cult had done, what she had done. She was scared that her subjects were falling in the same path all over again.
Her own government was working against. She wanted to forbid pacts and connexion with demons. But her every move would be vetoed by the houses.
Thanks to the demons, the daeloth empire grew quickly but something was wrong.


One day during a council meeting, a young dealoth, leader of house Seifenoe publicly criticized her. He was young and bold but many other leader were behind him. Étharié felt that she was losing the power to guide her people, that they were once again manipulated by the demons.
Her latent paranoia that had appeared during her time corrupted by Xérulath came back. Fearing for her life, she disappeared from politics while still holding the title of Queen.
Many leaders tried to get an audience for them, each time, she refused.
Locked in her appartments she waited until the day she would be killed, it was sooner than she expected.
The young leader of Seifenoe, Ehar, followed by the other house leaders bursted in the private appartments of Étharié. Their goal was to have her abdicate or be killed. She did not accept their demands.
After a particulary long and difficult fight, Étharié was vanquished. While she was still alive, the house leaders create a demonic portal and send her to Hell, the demons domain where she was eaten alive.

The Queen Legacy

Legends say that the Queen's emotions were so strong and vivid while she was eaten alive that some pieces were incorporated to the demons psyche. Like a reminiscence of her, those demons would be obsessed by her preoccupations at the moment of her death and could not get rid of those feelings.
Is it a result of her power? Of the corruption she once was a part of or a sort of curse? It is said that some demons in hell await to enter our world to kill all the descendants of the treacherous house leaders that betrayed her.

•••••Era of mortals•••••

Étharié under the corruption of Xérulath.

  • 25450

    Birth of Étharié in the Menel family
    Life, Birth

    She is the second daughter of Eyrié Menel, sister of Menelaus Menel.

  • 25810

    Betrothal with Menelaus

    Étharié is promised to Menelaus who is now third seat of the Conclave.

  • 25811

    Evil's poison
    Life, Supernatural

    Étharié is stung by a strange blue scorpio named Xérulath. The poison inside her veins gives her some new magic abilities and power.

    Additional timelines
  • 25811

    Corsolath's pyramid discovery
    Discovery, Exploration

    The ruins of an ancient eldar pyramid are found in the desert.

    Additional timelines
  • 25812

    Wedding with Kaneathos

    Her betrothal with Menelaus is void as he does not seat anymore at the Conclave and has retired from the world. Étharié and Kaneathos, the replacement of Menelaus at the Conclave get married instead.

  • 25813

    Creation of the Dark cult
    Life, Organisation Association

    Étharié and Kaneathos develop a secret organization which goal is the destruction of the Conclave and the current ereldar society.

    Additional timelines
  • 26254

    Rise of the cultists
    Political event

    Étharié's secret organization is now a large cult with thousands members. The Conclave learn about their existence and tension rises between them.

    Additional timelines
  • 26255


    Solaris civil war

    Conflict starts between cultists and Ithael agents. The Dark cult lose due to Menelaus and the Nine.

    Additional timelines
  • 26255

    Kaneathos is executed
    Life, Death

    The Conclave learn that Kaneathos is a Dark cult spy. He is questionned then executed.

    Additional timelines
  • 26257

    Étharié goes into hiding
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Having failed to win against the Conclave and Ithael, Étharié, Xérulath and few of her followers hide inside Corsolath's pyramid secret chamber.

    Additional timelines
  • 26268

    Blood moon night
    Disaster / Destruction

    Étharié and Xérulath, helped by fifty cultists summon demons in Solaris resulting in chaos and massacres.

    Additional timelines
  • 26268


    Population Migration / Travel

    The Dark cult members join into Exodus to escape retaliation from Ithael and the Conclave after the event of the Blood moon night. They flee east

    Additional timelines
  • 26273

    Birth of the Daeloth

    The Dark cult is disbanded, the ereldars that left during the exodus decide to rename themselves Daeloth "Blessed by the Moon" as they survived the Blood moon night.

    Additional timelines
  • 26283

    Encounter with the orcs
    Military action

    The daeloth met a raiding orc tribe that kill and enslave few of them. Étharié saves the day by defeating the orc by herself and saves her brethren.

    Additional timelines
  • 26299

    Settling and founding of Bangkor
    Construction beginning/end

    The daeloth decide to settle in a rainforest and start building their first city and capital Bangkor.

    Additional timelines
  • 26301


    High Queen of the Daeloth
    Life, Career

    Étharié is elected Queen of the Daeloth.

    Additional timelines
  • 29486

    Life, Death

    Étharié is betrayed by the leaders of the houses. She is sent in the demonic plane where she is eaten alive by demons.

    Additional timelines


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