Evil's poison

Life, Supernatural


Étharié is stung by a strange blue scorpio named Xérulath. The poison inside her veins gives her some new magic abilities and power.

Chapter 1: The Fateful encounter

Étharié had just left Solaris, she was walking alone in the desert. Behind her, the sun was red, slowly disappearing under the horizon. The sky was blue, the clouds oranges under the sunset and the gold dunes were slowly turning ocher with the fading light. She was only wearing a see-through dress which highlighted her perfect curves.
Her plan was to join her betrothed during his expedition in Corsolath's pyramid, concealed by the shadows of night. Like him, she was eager to learn more about the Eldars, their ancestors, and also, to spend time with him in a newly discovered ruins.
Feeling impatient, she used wind magic to enhance her physical capacities and started leaping from one sand dune to another, light as a feather.
The sun had disappeared and temperature was quickly dropping. She was close to naked, but strangely enough she was not cold tonight. Her blood was boiling and she was feeling like a sand wolf on the hunt, looking for her prey. She decided to further raise her movement speed and began to raise dust clouds after each of her jumps.

  She quickly arrived at Corsolath, the area surrounding the pyramids felt eerie. The archeologists camps around were empty, there was no one. No sound could be heard but a faint whisper coming from the slow breeze. Étharié focused on her magic perception to feel living beings nearby, she could only feel one very slow and arrhythmic magic pulse, one coming from a magic signature she very much knew, Menelaus.
He was very close to death, as she was feeling it, she rushed to his side without much care for the unknown power emanating from his side. He was laying on the ground, covered in blood, unconscious at the only entrance of the pyramid. Éthariá used first aid water magic to heal him, she could not detect any injury, his very weak state was coming from psychic damages and not physical ones, damages she could not fully heal.
She spent a very long time putting back Menelaus in a stable state, or so she thought. She was so focused on her task that it could have been hours, days, or few seconds, she could not tell.
Only when it was finished she started breathing again, she released all the tension that was inhabiting her from the moment she found him, she let the fear loose and it overflowed... Fear for him, for his life. Fear of what he did to be covered in blood, Ereldar's blood from what she could tell. She was running crazy scenarios in her mind, one after another to try to understand what happened, maybe there was something else, that would explain the weak state of Menelaus. That would be the only explanation, something had attacked him and surely the others which were missing. But who could beat the third seat of the council? Who or what. Fear of the unknown...

While she was focused on her inner feelings, Étharié did not notice the blue scorpio that was slowly moving towards her back, it was big, the size of a big cat, the head of the scorpio was very like a women face, an atrocity never seen before in these lands. When Étharié noticed the moving creature, it was too late, she did turnabout just in time to be struck by the scorpio's stinger right in the chest, between her breasts, shot in the heart with a dark and malicious poison. She fell on the ground like a disjointed doll, paralyzed. A carmine liquor was pouring off her chest as she started feeling the warm leaving her body, her blood which was still boiling with anticipation of this night moments ago was now being wasted on the dirt next to the pyramid. Her consciousness was quickly fading then coming back to her before fading again in a raving loop. It felt like her consciousness was only coming from the pulsating blood that was still present in her veins. It felt like this phenomenon kept repeating itself for an eternity, or maybe a few instants before she felt a shivering cold penetrating her flesh first, then her bones and finally her mind. And she finally embraced death... Or so she thought.

She opened her eyes, everything was black. Étharié was floating in the void. An endless dark sky was before her eyes. Here, no stars, no sun, no moon, no things, nothing. Maybe she was in another plane of existence, or maybe she ceased to exist and death is only an eternal slumber in the void, alone with your mind. Something that would drive anyone crazy. But she wasn't as alone as she thought as in front of her a strange being appeared. It was a female of an unknown specie, half humanoid, half insect, her insectoid traits reminiscent of a scorpio. It had a scorpio tail with a very sharp stinger, chitin plating all over its body and many limbs with pincers and claws coming out of its back. It was covered in gold and had very intense light blue eyes. Around the strange being, a dark and wicked aura, many souls were fused together in this aura, ereldar's souls, full of sorrow and suffering. That is when Étharié noticed that she knew some of the souls...