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This is one of the three location templates. It can be linked anywhere where a location is required. Use this template to write about a location that is at least semi-permanently settled. It can be used to describe ruins of settlements as well!   The example used in this template is the real-world Antananarivo, but this is just one very specific use of this template!  
The template has many prompt boxes which can be filled in. Use them for inspiration and to help format your article. Do not feel like you have to fill out all of them!
  The terms in the braces below each heading tell you under which tab this prompt appears and what the title of the box is.

Location Organization Chart

This feature is available to Master, Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
The hierarchy of the locations can be visually represented by the automatically created organization trees. All you need to do is fill in the Parent prompt in all of the relevant location articles. This organization tree is added to the bottom of each article in the metadata section.


What is the demographic make up of the people living in this town? Write down demographics which are relevant to the settlement or region. Potential demographic attributes are species, ethnic groups, wealth, gender, professions or social groups. Link mentioned species, ethnicities and professions.  
In 1950, Antananarivo's population was around 175,000. By the late 1990s the population of the metropolitan area had reached 1.4 million, and – while the city itself now has a population of 1,275,207 (at the 2018 Census) – with suburbs lying outside the city limits it had grown to almost 2.3 million in 2018. The metropolitan area is thus home to approaching 10 percent of the island's 25.68 million residents. Rural migration to the capital propels this growth; the city's population exceeds that of the other five provincial capitals combined.
— Wikipedia


How is the settlement governed? Who holds the power? And who holds the power truly? Use the organization template to expand on the government of the settlement. To expand on the government in more detail use the Organization Template.  
Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar, and the federal governance structures, including the Senate, National Assembly, the Supreme Court, and the presidential office are housed there. The main presidential offices are located 15 km (9.3 mi) south of the city. The city hosts the diplomatic missions of 21 countries.
— Wikipedia


What kind of defenses does this settlement have? Is there any defensive infrastructure like walls or an energy shield dome? Why does the settlement have any defenses? Mention the adversaries which are responsible for the presence of these defenses.

Industry & Trade

Is there any industry, manufacturing, or farming? What are the primary products that this settlement produces? Is the settlement self-sufficient? Are there any goods being traded with other places? Does the settlement export or import certain goods?


What kind of infrastructure does the settlement have? What kind of public facilities are available? Use the Buildings & Landmark Template to flesh out specific facilities of the infrastructure. In some cases, it might even make sense to use this template for entire neighborhoods or quarters within the settlement.


What kind of common assets does the settlement own?  
Agriculture is the mainstay of the Malagasy economy. Land is used for the cultivation of rice and other crops, raising of zebu and other livestock, the fabrication of bricks, and other traditional livelihoods. Access to land is guaranteed and protected by law for every resident of the city. The CUA manages requests to lease or purchase land, but demand dramatically outstrips supply, and much of the unallocated land fails to meet the requisite criteria for parceling, such as land where floodwater runoff is diverted. Much of this marginal land has been illegally occupied and developed by land-seeking residents, creating shantytown slums in pockets throughout the lower portions of the city. This uncontrolled development poses sanitation and safety risks to residents in these areas.
— Wikipedia

Guilds and Factions

What are notable groups present within this settlement? These factions shape the policy and economy of the settlement. They can be guilds, corporations, merchant groups, criminal enterprises, mercenary groups, political parties, religious orders, churches, or anything else you can imagine.


How and why did this settlement come to be? When was it started? Were there any notable events in its history? Use timelines and historical events to expand on this section!


What does this settlement have which attracts visitors? What kind of visitors are coming to this settlement?


Describe the common architecture of the settlement. Or maybe the settlement has buildings with many different influences from different ethnic groups or time periods.


What does the geography of the settlement look like? Is there a river or lake? Is it built on a swamp or in a valley? It might make sense to use a Geography Template for this if you wish to expand on it.

Natural Resources

What kind of natural resources can be found around or below the settlement?
Settlement Types - Click to Expand
Military, Camp
Military, Base
Outpost / Base
Underground / Vault
Large town
Trade post
Large city
Orbital, Station
National Territory

When did this settlement become a ruin? Filling in this field will create the ruined marker above.

Founding Date
1610 or 1625
Alternative Name(s)
Tananarive (French)
1,275,207 (2018)
Inhabitant Demonym
What are the people who live here called?
Owning Organization
Related Professions

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