Humans who embraced the spirit of an animal and can shift into their form. Many different lineages exist that each have their unique animal spirit. Most chosen animals are predators like bears, wolves, tigers and lions. Other lineages can shift into elephants, bisons, buffalos and other large herbivores. They all share a common hereditary condition called theriathropy which allows them to to access this power. This condition was always first created by a shaman or conjurer in different parts of the world independent of each other.


Each ancestry has their own origin story, but they all share some common elements. Often therianthropy was created in order to give a community an advantage against an outside aggressor or to conquer a neighbour. Most therians value honour and duty highly and view warriors with respect. These values are still present today to some extent.


Therians originated in most parts of the world. Most ancestries are involved in the history of the local civilizations and societies. As they were often created in preparation for or during wars they have played a crucial role in many conflicts in history. This is still the case even today as many mercenaries and paramilitary organizations either employ or are run by Therians.

Geographic Distribution

Therians are the most common supernatural ancestry category in the world. Estimates put the therian population at around 0.05% of the worlds total population or approximately 40 million therians. This means that they can be found in all countries around the world and often in places not hospitable to humans.

Social Hierarchy

There are no real common patterns amongst the many different therian ancestries and their communities. The common misconception is that they are organized in packs which are then lead by a strong alpha male. This basically never the case as it is neither a natural nor very effective form of governance. Today the most common forms of community are either democratic or autocratic government forms. They often mirror the government forms of the nations that they are a part of.

Spiritual & Religious Traditions

Mos communities have some kind of spiritual connection and related rituals to their spirit animal. This spirit is what gives them their strength after all. In most cases, therian communities have a dominant religious practice that they follow.
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