Alchemy is a combination of mystic arts and science. It uses various chemical and mystical reactions to create alchemy products from supernatural materials. The products apply special effects when produced and used correctly.   The processes of alchemy have a long history in many culturs around the world. The most advanced research and productions take place in Europe, China and the Middle East. Other regions of the world lag behind in production and quality.   The practice of alchemy is regulated and controlled by the International Alchemist's Association.

Core Principles

An alchemy product is produced in a specific process according to a recipe with all the ingredients used in a very specific manner. Many process allow for variations, but that might affect the efficiency, potency, effect duration etc. of the alchemy product.   Every alchemy product requires at least one active ingredient, a carrier ingredient and an effect ingredient.  
  • The active ingredient is the key ingredient to create a supernatural effect with an alchemy product. Without it the product is just a normal product that can have natural effects. Active ingredients always contain some kind of mystical energy that it absorb or produced. Both the carrier and effect ingredient can double as the active ingredient when they are infused with mystical energy. The most potent and hard to get active ingredient is Dragon Bone Dust. Active ingredients are always the hardest to come by as they are rarer and very expensive. Active ingredients can be ignored if the alchemist is a mystic arts practitioner. In that case the alchemy product is infused with mystical energies by the alchemist themselves during production or in some cases even afterwards.
  • The carrier ingredient is used to create a usuable alchemy product. This ingredient usually determines the type of alchemy product is created. Common carrier ingredients are water, plant or animal oils, fat and flour. Active carrier ingredients are infused water and plant oil from spirit herbs and plants.
  • The effect ingredient is the ingredient that actually carriers the intended effect of the alchemy product. These ingredients are often sourced from supernatural plants, animals or other creatures. Effect ingredients from other dimensions are highly sought after. Known effect ingredients are various spirit herbs, Jade Rabbit Jades, Hedgehog Grass and many more.

Alchemy Processes


Application Vectors

An alchemy product can be applied in many different ways.  
  • Oral Ingestion - Eating or drinking the alchemy product will bring the effect to the stomach and then absorbed into the blood stream. This is a fairly standard way to apply these effects and the most used.
  • Inhalation - An alchemy product can be inhaled. The effect is then applied in the nose, transported to the lungs and then distributed throughout the body via the blood stream.
  • Skin - The skin can absorb alchemy products at a slow rate. This is usefull when the effect is only supposed to affect specific parts of the body.
  • Mucous membranes - Similar to skin but quicker to absorb the effect. This can be done within the mouth, through the eyes, the vagina or anally.
  • Practitioners

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