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Alchemy Product

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  Anything that is created with Alchemy is considered an alchemy product. There are many different types of these.        

Alchemy Product Types

There are many different types of alchemy products. No type of product is absolutely superior to another, but each has their specific use cases and different methods of application.


These types of product are usually ingested orally or in some case through osmosis of the skin.
  • Potions - A liquid that carries a special supernatural effect. It is possible to create potions with more than one effect, but that is extremely hard and rare. Potion are usually brewed and require a liquid carrier agent, which is water most of the time and then at least one active ingredient and one or more effect ingredients.
  • Elixir - Highly concentrated potions. Can either be used with increased (and often more dangerous) effect or be diluted to create several potions. The purity of the elixir determines how many potions can be created from one elixir. Elixir are usually created by distillation. Recipes and processes to create elixirs are very valuable and usually a tightly guarded secret.
  • Skin Oil - An oil that can be applied to the skin for its effect. They are useful for regenerative or poisonous effects as they are more easily applied than other alchemy products. Skin oils can be used in bath water as well. This of course further dilutes the effect. Ingesting skin oil orally is usually a bad idea.
  • Solid

    Solid products are easiest to store and are very popular.  
  • Pills - A pill is a highly concentrated alchemy product in solid form. The pill often has some kind of shell with the effect product protected inside. Pills are usually eaten to apply its effect.
  • Ointment - A alchemy product that can be applied to the skin for its effect and easily stored in decent quantities. It is often used for healing effects as it can easily be applied locally.
  • Powder - A product that is stored in a solid state but then used by dissolving it in a liquid. Users might then bath in it or drink it.
  • Gaseous

    A gaseous alchemy product is rarely stored as such, but is very useful to apply to many people at the same time.  
  • Steam - A alchemy product that is created by heating a liquid product to create the steam. The steam can then be inhaled to apply the effect and a smaller effect simply through skin contact.
  • Smoke - An alchemy product that is created by burning the ingredients. The smoke is then inhaled to get the effect. This is popular mostly for recreational use and rarely used for serious purposes as it often requires extra steps. Though it can be useful to affect a large area with the effect.

  • Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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