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Spirit Plant

The seed or seedling of a plant can become a spirit plant when infused with mystical energy. This process is very rare and requires a lot of mystical or supernatural energies. As the plant grows it can gather up more mystical energy and eventually even produce it. These plants are much more resilient with an increased lifespan.   Once enough energy is accumulated they can even stay alive for many centuries. Once they reach a thousand years there is a small chance that such a plant achieves sophonce. As these plants are a very valuable source of supernatural power they are often harvested by humans and supernaturals. This is why such a plant reaching more than a thousand year is extremely rare.   A spirit plant creates seeds that are infused from the beginning. Such a seedling can then become a spirit plant itself as well. This is not guaranteed as the supernatural energy might not be enough or that the plant just does not develop the ability to create its own energy. This process can be helped by supplying it environmental energy or from a specific source. Supplying energy like this is not very efficient. For these reasons domesticating spirit plants is not something that is easily done. There are a few factions that are very famous and very rich for achieving just that.   Growing a plant close to or on Dragon Bones can bring desired results. Using dragon bone dust as a supplement in fertilizer for spirit herbs is a common practice when possible. Not everyone has the financial means or secrecy to actually supply this material.  

Supernatural Properties

All spirit plants are more resilient than their natural counterparts. They generally live longer, are more resistant to diseases and parasites and the plants body is harder. In addition, a spirit plant can gain enhanced natural effects, manifested powers and mythical properties.

Enhanced Natural Effect

Many plants have natural effects that are beneficial or harmful to humans and other creatures when ingested. These natural effects are often enhanced in a spirit plant. The strength of the enhancement is dependent on the growth time of the spirit plant and its mystical energy absorption.   This effect is most useful in medicinal herbs. Peppermint can be used to reduce headaches. In order for the natural effect to actually affect the patient the compounds responsible need to be concentrated. A spirit peppermint plant on the other hand could treat any headache by just drinking a tee made with a few peppermint leaves.   For other plants the effects usually have less advantageous effects, but can still be useful in some cases. In edible plants the enhancements lead to better nutritional values and improved taste when eaten. A cook can create truly marvelous experiences when using spirit fruits.

Manifested Power

A spirit plant can develop an active or passive power after growing and developing for some time. There is no guarantee that a power is ever developed before the plant withers or is destroyed. The type of power manifested depends on many factors and is impossible to predict. A power is often manifested in response to a traumatic experience to the plant that weakened or nearly destroyed it.

Mythical Properties

Some spirit plants have or developed properties which do not appear in nature. These properties are often mentioned in myths and folklore and can manifest in any type of plants. How these properties came into existence is the cause of many heated debates among scholars. There are three competing theories which have notable scholars supporting them.  
  • Mythical properties were inherited from plants which are not native to this world, but come from other dimensions. As the existence of other dimensions have become more common knowledge this theory has gained a lot of traction in recent years.
  • Mythical properties were originally created by powerful supernatural beings like witches, demi-deities and others.
  • Mythical properties just manifested themselves within a plant and then were inherited by their offspring.
  A few scholars have brought forth the hypothesis that all of these theories are not really competing but instead are all responsible for some of the mythical properties or maybe even in combination with each other. Many experiments have been conducted and none of the theories have made any headway in actually being proven or falsified.


After many centuries of growth and development a spirit plant has a small chance to manifest a spiritual consiousness. This mind will take hold within the plant and start growing. Over time the plant will develop senses with which to perceive the world around it. This consiousness has a great curiosity and drive to explore beyond its local form.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare
Mythical Spirit Plants
Hedgehog Grass

Recorded Manifested Powers

Over the centuries many different scholars have studied and recorded the powers of spirit plants. The table below is a small collection of powers that were observed in the past. This list is not exhaustive but fairly representative of the classes of powers recorded.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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