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  Alchemist is an ancient profession that is famous for its alchemy products.   Alchemists usually learn directly from a teacher. There are some schools that teach alchemy to many students at the same time.   Alchemists are very secretive with how their profession works and do not share their knowledge easily.   Alchemists are usually highly respected in their respective communities for their skills and knowldge. They are often healers or supporters, but can also create powerful poisons and other harmful substances.   Alchemists are employed by most major supernatural organisations, but often work as free-lancers as well organized in associations or guilds. The highest umbrella organization is the International Alchemist Association that protects the interests of alchemists around the world and has ethical rules of conduct for alchemists.   Alchemist is a protected title in a handful of countries, and only accredited schools and masters can train proper alchemists.

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